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Tilemap Collider 2D

Scriptable Tiles

Creating Scriptable Tiles

Create a new class inheriting from TileBase (or any useful sub-classes of TileBase, like Tile). Override any required methods for your new Tile class. The following are the usual methods you would override:

  • RefreshTile determines which Tiles in the vicinity are updated when this Tile is added to the Tilemap.
  • GetTileData determines what the Tile looks like on the Tilemap.

Create instances of your new class using ScriptableObject.CreateInstance<YOUR_TILE_CLASS>(). You may convert this new instance to an Asset in the Editor in order to use it repeatedly by calling AssetDatabase.CreateAsset().

You can also make a custom editor for your Tile. This works the same way as custom editors for scriptable objects.

Remember to save your project to ensure that your new Tile Assets are saved!

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Tilemap Collider 2D
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