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Tilemap Renderer
Tilemap workflow

Tile Assets

Tiles are Assets that are arranged on Tilemaps to construct a 2D environment. Each Tile references a selected Sprite, which is then rendered at the Tile’s location on the Tilemap Grid. Refer to the Creating Tiles documentation for information about preparing and importing Sprites for your Tiles, and the different methods for creating the Assets in the Editor.

Tile Asset icon
Tile Asset icon

Asset properties

Inspector window
Inspector window
Свойство: Функция:
Preview Displays a visual preview of the selected Tile.
Sprite Select the Sprite to be rendered on this Tile. Click the circle icon to the right to open the object picker window to select from the available Sprite Assets, or drag a Sprite directly onto this box.
Color Tints the Sprite placed on this Tile with the selected Color. When set to white, the Sprite is rendered without a tint.
Collider Type Defines the shape of the Collider generated for the Tile.
    None No Collider is generated.
    Sprite The Collider shape is generated based on the selected Sprite’s outline.
    Grid The Collider shape is based on a cell of the Tilemap. The shape of a cell depends on the Cell Layout of the Tilemap.

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Tilemap Renderer
Tilemap workflow
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