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The Cloth component provides a physics-based solution for the simulation of fabrics and works in conjunction with the Skinned Mesh Renderer. While it has been specifically designed for character clothing it is still possible to use arbitrary, non-skinned meshes.


Свойство: Функция:
Жесткость растягивания ткани. Жесткость растягивания ткани.
Коэффициент несгибаемости ткани. Коэффициент несгибаемости ткани.
Use Tethers Apply constraints that help to prevent the moving cloth particles from going too far away from the fixed ones. This helps to reduce excess stretchiness.
Use Gravity Should gravitational acceleration be applied to the cloth?
Damping Motion damping coefficient.
External Acceleration Постоянное внешнее ускорение, применённое к ткани.
Random Acceleration Случайное внешнее ускорение, применённое к ткани.
World Velocity Scale How much world-space movement of the character will affect cloth vertices.
World Acceleration Scale How much world-space acceleration of the character will affect cloth vertices.
Friction The friction of the cloth when colliding with the character.
Collision Mass Scale How much to increase mass of colliding particles.
Use Continuous Collision Enable continuous collision to improve collision stability.
Use Virtual Particles Add one virtual particle per triangle to improve collision stability.
Solver Frequency Number of solver iterations per second.
Sleep Threshold Cloth’s sleep threshold.
Capsule Colliders An array of CapsuleColliders which this Cloth instance should collide with.
Sphere Colliders An array of ClothSphereColliderPairs which this Cloth instance should collide with.


Cloth does not react to all colliders in a scene, nor does it apply forces back to the world. When it has been added the Cloth component will not react to or influence any other bodies at all. Thus Cloth and the world do not recognise or see each other until you manually add colliders from the world to the Cloth component. Even after that, the simulation is still one-way: cloth reacts to those bodies but doesn’t apply forces back.

Additionally, you can only use three types of colliders with cloth: a sphere, a capsule, and conical capsule colliders, constructed using two sphere colliders. These restrictions all exist to help boost performance.

Edit Constraints Tool

Selecting Edit Constraints will enter the editor into a mode to edit the constraints applied to each of the vertices in the cloth mesh. All vertices will be coloured based on the current Visualization mode to display the difference between their respective values.

Свойство: Функция:
Visualization Changes the visual appearance of the tool in the Scene view between Max Distance and Surface Penetration Values. A toggle for Manipulate Backfaces is also available.
Max Distance The maximum distance a cloth particle can travel from its vertex position.
Surface Penetration How deep the cloth particle can penetrate the mesh.
The Cloth Constraints Tool being used on a Skinned Mesh Renderer.
The Cloth Constraints Tool being used on a Skinned Mesh Renderer.

There are two modes that can be used for changing the values for each vertex, in Select mode a group of vertices can be selected using the mouse cursor to either draw a selection box or else by individually clicking on vertices one at a time. Once any number of cloth vertices have been selected they can then have either Max Distance or Surface Penetration constraints enabled and a value assigned.

Paint mode allows you to directly adjust each individual vertex by clicking on it, again with options to adjust the Max Distance, Surface Penetration, or both. As before a value can be assigned and the visual representation in the scene view will be updated.


Cloth is unable to simply collide with arbitrary world geometry, and now will only interact with the colliders specified in either the Capsule Colliders or Sphere Colliders arrays.

The sphere colliders array can contain either a single valid SphereCollider instance (with the second one being null), or a pair. In the former cases the ClothSphereColliderPair just represents a single sphere collider for the cloth to collide against. In the latter case, it represents a conic capsule shape defined by the two spheres, and the cone connecting the two. Conic capsule shapes are useful for modelling limbs of a character.

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