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Documentation editorial review

Some Unity User Manual pages contain a status referring to “editorial review”.

What does “editorial review” mean?

This is a documentation process where technical writers take raw notes from a developer, and work with the developer to make sure that documentation is correct, complete, well-written, and easy to follow.

  • “With no editorial review” means the page consists of ‘raw’ notes that we haven’t put through this process.
  • “With editorial review” means we have put the page through this process.
  • “With limited editorial review” means we have put some sentences or paragraphs on the page through this process, not the whole page.

For more information on technical documentation processes and techniques, see Wikipedia pages on Technical writing, Technical communication, and Technical editing.

Why does Unity publish documentation with no editorial review?

Editorial review takes time. We publish documentation with no editorial review in order to get information to Unity users as quickly as possible.

Are pages with no editorial review wrong?

Generally, no. They are the developer’s explanation, and so the most correct source of information we have. Pages without editorial review might be harder to read or understand, because they haven’t been edited to a technical documentation standard.

Why do some pages not have an editorial review status?

Only pages new or updated since the 8th May 2017 contain this information.

Do you want feedback on this?

Yes, please. You can rate our pages and provide other kinds of feedback using the Feedback Form at the bottom of every page.

Note that we can’t provide support via the documentation feedback form. Please send support questions and make bug reports through the usual channels.

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