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Coordinate and position systems
Introduction to UXML

Structure UI with UXML

Unity Extensible Markup Language (UXML) files are text files that define the structure of the UI(User Interface) Allows a user to interact with your application. Unity currently supports three UI systems. More info
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. UXML along with USS makes it easier for less technical users to define the layout and the style of the UI. This leaves developers with technical tasks, such as importing assets, defining logic, and processing data.

Topic Description
Introduction to UXML Understand the format of the UXML.
Add styles to UXML Learn how to reference a USS file in UXML.
Reuse UXML files Learn how to import a UXML file and override the attributes.
Reference other files from UXML Understand the src and the path attributes used to reference other files from UXML.
Load UXML and USS from C# scripts Load UXML and USS as you would load a regular Unity asset.
Instantiate UXML with C# Learn how to instantiate UXML with C# by an example.
Find visual elements with UQuery Use UQuery to retrieve elements and learn UQuery best practices.
Coordinate and position systems
Introduction to UXML
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