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Game 视图

从游戏中的摄像机渲染 Game 视图。该视图代表最终发布的游戏。需要使用一个或多个摄像机来控制玩家在玩游戏时实际看到的内容。有关摄像机的更多信息,请查看摄像机组件页面


可使用工具栏中的按钮来控制 Editor 播放模式以及查看发布的游戏的播放情况。在播放模式下,所做的任何更改都是暂时的,在退出播放模式后将会重置。Editor UI 会变暗来提醒此情况。

Game 视图控制栏

按钮: 功能:
显示屏 Click this to choose from a list of Cameras if you have multiple Cameras in the Scene. This is set to Display 1 by default. (You can assign Displays to cameras in the Camera module, under the Target Display drop-down menu.)
Aspect Select different values to test how your game will look on monitors with different aspect ratios. This is set to Free Aspect by default.
Low Resolution Aspect Ratios Check this box if you want to emulate the pixel density of older displays: This reduces the resolution of the Game view when an aspect ratio is selected. It is always enabled when the Game view is on a non-Retina display.
Scale 滑动条 Scroll right to zoom in and examine areas of the Game screen in more detail. It also allows you to zoom out to see the entire screen where the device resolution is higher than the Game view window size. You can also use the scroll wheel and middle mouse button to do this while the game is stopped or paused.
Maximize on Play Click to enable: Use this to make the Game view maximize (100% of your Editor Window) for a full-screen preview when you enter Play Mode.
Mute audio Click to enable: Use this to mute any in-game audio when you enter Play Mode.
Stats Click this to toggle the Statistics overlay, which contains Rendering Statistics about your game’s audio and graphics. This is very useful for monitoring the performance of your game while in Play Mode.
Gizmos Click this to toggle the visibility of Gizmos. To only see certain types of Gizmo during Play Mode, click the drop-down arrow next to the word Gizmos and only check the boxes of the Gizmo types you want to see. (See Gizmos Options below.)

Gizmos 菜单

Gizmos 菜单包含用于控制对象、图标和辅助图标的显示方式的许多选项。此菜单在 Scene 视图和 Game 视图中均可用。请参阅有关 Gizmos 菜单的文档以了解更多信息。


右键单击 Game 选项卡可以显示 Game 视图的高级选项。

__Warn if No Cameras Rendering__:此选项默认为启用状态:如果没有摄像机渲染到屏幕,会显示警告。这对于诊断意外删除或禁用摄像机等问题非常有用。除非故意不使用摄像机来渲染游戏,否则应将此选项保持启用状态。

__Clear Every Frame in Edit Mode__:此选项默认为启用状态:在游戏未播放时,会每帧清除 Game 视图。这可以防止在配置游戏时出现拖尾效果。除非在未处于播放模式时依赖于前一帧的内容,否则应将此选项保持启用状态。

  • 2018–04–25 页面已修订并只进行了有限的编辑审查

  • 2018.2 版开始在 Windows 上提供了 Low Resolution Aspect Ratios Game 视图选项 NewIn20182

Gizmos 菜单
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