Version: 2021.2
2D 边界碰撞体 (Edge Collider 2D)
2D 复合碰撞体 (Composite Collider 2D)

2D 胶囊碰撞体 (Capsule Collider 2D)

The Capsule Collider 2D is a Collider that interacts with the 2D physics system. The capsule shape has no vertex corners and has a continuous round circumference. This shape allows the Capsule Collider 2D to not get easily caught in the corners of other Colliders. The capsule shape is considered solid and not hollow, which means any other Collider 2Ds that are inside the Capsule Collider 2D are considered to be in contact with the Collider and are forced out of it over time.

属性 功能
Material 使用此属性来定义 2D 胶囊碰撞体使用的物理材质。此材质将覆盖所有 2D 刚体或全局物理碰撞体。
Is Trigger 选中此框可指定 2D 胶囊碰撞体将触发事件。如果选中此框,物理引擎会忽略此碰撞体。
Used by Effector 选中此框可指定附加的效应器将使用此 2D 胶囊碰撞体。
Offset 使用此属性来设置 2D 胶囊碰撞体几何形状的局部偏移。
Size 使用此属性来定义盒体大小。此盒体可指定 2D 胶囊碰撞体将填充的区域。
Direction 将此属性设置为 Vertical 或 Horizontal。此属性控制围绕胶囊体的方向:具体而言,它定义了半圆形端盖的定位。

The settings that define the Capsule Collider 2D are Size and Direction. Both the Size and Direction properties refer to X and Y (horizontal and vertical, respectively) in the local space of the Capsule Collider 2D, and not in world-space.

A typical way to set up the Capsule Collider 2D is to set the Size to match the Direction. For example, if the Capsule Collider 2D’s Direction is Vertical, the Size of X is 0.5 and the Size of Y is 1, this makes the vertical direction capsule taller, rather than wider.

In the example below, the X and Y are represented by the yellow lines.

An example of a Capsule Collider 2D set so the Size matches Direction
An example of a Capsule Collider 2D set so the Size matches Direction


可使用不同的配置来更改 2D 胶囊碰撞体。以下是一些示例。

Note that when the X and Y of the Size property are the same, the Capsule Collider 2D always approximates to a circle.

2D 胶囊碰撞体配置的示例
2D 胶囊碰撞体配置的示例

Note: A known issue in the 2D physics system is that when a GameObject moves across multiple Colliders, one or several of the Colliders may register a collision between the Colliders. This may occur even when the Colliders are perfectly aligned. This collision can cause the Collider to slow down or stop.

While constructing a surface with the Capsule Collider 2D can help reduce this problem, it is recommeneded to use a single Collider rather than multiple Colliders for a surface, such as the Edge Collider 2D.

2D 边界碰撞体 (Edge Collider 2D)
2D 复合碰撞体 (Composite Collider 2D)
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