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2D 刚体

2D 物理系统参考

Unity’s physics system lets you handle 2D physics to make use of optimizations available with 2D. You can use the following physics 2D components with Unity:

Topic 描述
Rigidbody 2D Learn how Rigidbody 2D works.
Collider 2D Understand the types of Collider 2D components available to use with Rigidbody 2D.
Physics Material 2D Control the friction and bounce between colliding 2D physics objects.
2D Joints Understand the types of 2D Joints available to use with 2D GameObjects.
Constant Force 2D Add constant forces to a Rigidbody 2D.
Effectors 2D Direct the forces of physics when GameObject colliders are in contact.

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2D 刚体
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