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Advanced best practice guides

Create Gameplay

You can use Unity to design and create games. There are some basic workflows and concepts in Unity that can help you use Unity.

There are some core concepts you need in order to create gameplay mechanics, and you might need to write scripts. For more information on how to create a work with scripts, see the Scripting section.

Topic 描述
Scenes Understand scenes and how to create and work with scenes in Unity.
GameObjects Understand GameObjects and how they work with components.
Prefabs Learn how to create and work with Prefabs in Unity.
Layers Understand and use layers and layermasks in Unity.
Constraints Learn different types of constraint components that you can attach to GameObjects.
Rotation and orientation in Unity Understand how Unity calculates and works with rotation and orientation.
Lights Understand the effect of lights on a scene.
Cameras Learn how you can use cameras in your game.
Cross-Platform Considerations Understand how different platforms can affect your game.
Publishing Builds Understand how to publish your builds.
Troubleshooting View solutions to some common problems that occur in Unity.

Additional Resources

  • For a tutorial on how to get started with Unity, see the Unity Essentials pathway on Unity Learn.

  • To see a list of templates you can use to create a game, see Templates.

Advanced best practice guides
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