Version: 2021.3
渐进 GPU 光照贴图 (Progressive GPU Lightmapper)(预览)

Lightmapping using Enlighten Baked Global Illumination

Enlighten Baked Global Illumination relies on precomputed real-time global illumination data to generate indirect lighting. This can be an advantage, because you can produce new lightmaps fairly quickly after changing the scene’s lighting. However, Enlighten Baked Global Illumination imposes more UV layout limitations than the Progressive Lightmapper.

Enlighten Baked Global Illumination is deprecated (unlike Enlighten Realtime Global Illumination).


See render pipeline feature comparison for more information about support for Enlighten Baked Global Illumination across render pipelines.

使用 Enlighten 光照贴图

To use Enlighten Baked Global Illumination, go to Window > Rendering > Lighting, navigate to Lightmapping Settings, and set Lightmapper to Enlighten.

You can perform many of the functions available in this window via scripts, using the LightingSettings API.

The following properties are specific to Enlighten. To expose them, select Enlighten in the Lightmapper control.

属性: 功能:
Final Gather Calculates the final global illumination light bounce of at the same resolution as the baked lightmap. This improves visual quality, but requires additional time to bake the lighting. If Final Gather is enabled, it exposes the settings Ray Count and Denoising.
Indirect Resolution 使用此设置来指定光照贴图程序用于间接光照计算的样本数。更高值可提高光照贴图的质量,但会增加完成烘焙所需要的时间。
Ray Count Specifies the number of rays the lightmapper emits for every final gather point.
Denoising Applies a denoising filter to the final gather output.

Disabling the default environment contribution

Unity automatically generates an ambient probe and a default Reflection Probe to ensure that environment lighting affects your scene and the GameObjects in it by default.

To disable the environment contribution in the lighting result for a scene or GameObject that does not have manually created light maps and Light Probes, disable the default Reflection Probe and the ambient probe. For more information, see Disabling the SkyManager.

渐进 GPU 光照贴图 (Progressive GPU Lightmapper)(预览)
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