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Billboard Renderer

The Billboard Renderer renders Billboard Assets. Billboards are a level-of-detail (LOD) method for drawing complicated 3D Meshes in a simpler way when they are far away from the Camera. When a Mesh is far away from the Camera, its size on screen means there is no need to draw it in full detail. Instead, you can replace the complex 3D Mesh with a 2D billboard representation.

Certain features, such as SpeedTree, export Billboard Assets, but you can also create them yourself. For information on how to create a Billboard Asset, see the BillboardAssets Manual page and the BillboardAsset Script reference page.


Properties on this component are split into the following sections:


This section contains general properties in the root of the component.

Property: Función:
Billboard Specifies the Billboard Asset this component renders.


The Lighting section contains properties that specify how this Billboard Renderer interacts with lighting in Unity.

Property: Función:
Cast Shadows Specify if and how the Mesh casts shadows when a suitable Light shines on it.
On The Mesh casts a shadow when a shadow-casting Light shines on it.
Off The Mesh does not cast shadows.
Two Sided The Mesh casts two-sided shadows from either side. Enlighten (deprecated) and the Progressive Lightmapper do not support two-sided shadows.
Shadows Only Shadows from the Mesh are visible, but not the Mesh itself.
Receive Shadows Enable this option to make the Mesh display any shadows that are cast upon it. This is only supported when using the Progressive Lightmapper.


The Probes section contains properties relating to Light Probes and Reflection Probes.

Propiedad: Función:
Light Probes Set how this Renderer receives light from the Light Probe system.

For more information, see Light Probes.
Off The Renderer doesn’t use any interpolated Light Probes.
Blend Probes The Renderer uses one interpolated Light Probe. This is the default value.
Use Proxy Volume The Renderer uses a 3D grid of interpolated Light Probes.
Custom Provided The Renderer extracts Light Probe shader uniform values from the MaterialPropertyBlock.
Proxy Volume Override Set a reference to another GameObject that has a Light Probe Proxy Volume component.

This property is only visible when Light Probes is set to Use Proxy Volume.
Reflection Probes Set how the Renderer receives reflections from the Reflection Probe system.
Off Disables Reflection Probes. Unity uses a skybox for reflection.
Blend Probes Enables Reflection Probes. Blending occurs only between Reflection Probes. This is useful in indoor environments where the character may transition between areas with different lighting settings.
Blend Probes and Skybox Enables Reflection Probes. Blending occurs between Reflection Probes, or between Reflection Probes and the default reflection. This is useful for outdoor environments.
Simple Enables Reflection Probes, but no blending occurs between Reflection Probes when there are two overlapping volumes.

Additional Settings

This section contains additional rendering properties.

Propiedad: Función:
Motion Vectors Set whether to use motion vectors to track this Renderer’s per-pixel, screen-space motion from one frame to the next. You can use this information to apply post-processing effects such as motion blur.

Note that not all platforms support motion vectors. See SystemInfo.supportsMotionVectors for more information.
Camera Motion Only Use only Camera movement to track motion.
Per Object Motion Use a specific pass to track motion for this Renderer.
Force No Motion Do not track motion.
Dynamic Occlusion When Dynamic Occlusion is enabled, Unity culls this Renderer when it is blocked from a Camera’s view by a Static Occluder. Dynamic Occlusion is enabled by default.

When Dynamic Occlusion is disabled, Unity does not cull this Renderer when it is blocked from a Camera’s view by a Static Occluder. Disable Dynamic Occlusion to achieve effects such as drawing the outline of a character behind a wall.

See documentation on occlusion culling for more information.
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