Version: 2020.3
Shaders introduction

Shaders core concepts

This section contains information on the fundamentals of working with shaders in Unity.

Screenshot from The Heretic.
Screenshot from The Heretic.
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Shaders introduction Introductory information about shaders, and key terminology.
The Shader class An overview of the Shader class, which acts as a wrapper for regular graphics shader programs.
Shader assets Information about assets that represent an instance of the Shader class.
Shader compilation How and when Unity compiles shaders.
Shader loading How and when Unity loads shaders.
Shader variant collections Collections of shader variants that you can use when compiling and loading shaders.
Replacing shaders at runtime In the Built-in Render Pipeline, you can tell a Camera to change the shader that it uses to render certain geometry at runtime.
Compute shaders Working with compute shaders in Unity.
Shaders introduction
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