Version: 2020.1
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public static void SetStaticEditorFlags (GameObject go, StaticEditorFlags flags);


go The GameObject whose Static Editor Flags you want to set.
flags The StaticEditorFlags to set on the GameObject.


Sets the StaticEditorFlags of the specified GameObject.

StaticEditorFlags determine which Unity systems consider a GameObject as static, and include the GameObject in their precomputations in the Unity Editor. Setting StaticEditorFlags at runtime has no effect on these systems. For more information, see the Unity Manual documentation on Static Editor Flags. The code in this example enables the Occludee Static and Occluder Static StaticEditorFlags for a GameObject:

void StaticEditorFlagsExample(){
    // Create a GameObject
    var go = new GameObject("Example");

// Set the GameObject's StaticEditorFlags var flags = StaticEditorFlags.OccluderStatic | StaticEditorFlags.OccludeeStatic; GameObjectUtility.SetStaticEditorFlags(go, flags); }
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