Version: 2022.1
스크립터블 렌더 파이프라인 배처
How BatchRendererGroup works


BatchRendererGroup (BRG) is an API for high-performance custom rendering in projects that use a Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) and the SRP Batcher.

BRG is the perfect tool to:

  • Render DOTS Entities. For example, Unity’s Hybrid Renderer uses BRG to do this.
  • Render a large number of environment objects where using individual GameObjects would be too resource-intensive. For example, procedurally-placed plants or rocks.
  • Render custom terrain patches. You can use different meshes or materials to display different levels of detail.

The following table lists and describes the topics in this section of the documentation.

항목 설명
How BatchRendererGroup works Explains how BRG renders to the screen and introduces BRG-specific concepts.
Getting started with BatchRendererGroup Describes the requirements and compatibility of BRG and explains how to set up your project to support BRG.
Creating a renderer with BatchRendererGroup A section that explains how to use BRG to create a simple custom renderer.
DOTS Instancing shaders Describes the new data-oriented way shaders can load instance data.
스크립터블 렌더 파이프라인 배처
How BatchRendererGroup works
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