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Sprite Atlas properties reference

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A 2D project uses sprites and other graphics to create the visuals of its scenes. This means a single project can contain many texture files. Unity typically issues a draw call for each texture in the scene; however, in a project with many textures, multiple draw calls become resource-intensive and can negatively impact the performance of your project.

A Sprite Atlas is an asset that consolidates several textures into a single combined texture. Unity can call this single texture to issue a single draw call instead of multiple draw calls to access the packed textures all at once at a smaller performance overhead. You can use the Sprite Atlas API to control loading the Sprite Atlases at your project’s runtime.

항목 설명
Sprite Atlas properties reference Refer to the properties of the Sprite Atlas.
Master and Variant Sprite Atlases Choose the Type property for a Sprite Atlas.
Sprite Atlas Workflow Follow the general workflow to create a Sprite Atlas.
Preparing Sprite Atlases for distribution Learn how to distribute Sprite Atlases.
Sprite Packer Modes Choose the default packing behavior for a Sprite Atlas.
Sprite Atlas V2 Use the Sprite Atlas V2 mode.
스프라이트 마스크
Sprite Atlas properties reference
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