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class in UnityEngine

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Provides access to display information.

Use the Screen class to get a list of supported screen resolutions, switch the current resolution, or hide or show the system mouse pointer.

정적 변수

autorotateToLandscapeLeftEnables auto-rotation to landscape left.
autorotateToLandscapeRightEnables auto-rotation to landscape right.
autorotateToPortraitEnables auto-rotation to portrait.
autorotateToPortraitUpsideDownEnables auto-rotation to portrait, upside down.
brightnessThe current brightness of the screen.
currentResolutionThe current screen resolution (Read Only).
cutoutsReturns a list of screen areas that are not functional for displaying content (Read Only).
dpiThe current DPI of the screen / device (Read Only).
fullScreenEnables full-screen mode for the application.
fullScreenModeSet this property to one of the values in FullScreenMode to change the display mode of your application.
heightThe current height of the screen window in pixels (Read Only).
mainWindowDisplayInfoThe display information associated with the display that the main application window is on.
mainWindowPositionThe position of the top left corner of the main window relative to the top left corner of the display.
msaaSamplesGet the requested MSAA sample count of the screen buffer.
orientationSpecifies logical orientation of the screen.
resolutionsReturns all full-screen resolutions that the monitor supports (Read Only).
safeAreaReturns the safe area of the screen in pixels (Read Only).
sleepTimeoutA power saving setting, allowing the screen to dim some time after the last active user interaction.
widthThe current width of the screen window in pixels (Read Only).

정적 함수

GetDisplayLayoutRetrieves layout information about connected displays such as names, resolutions and refresh rates.
MoveMainWindowToMoves the main window to the specified position relative to the top left corner of the specified display. Position value is represented in pixels. Moving the window is an asynchronous operation, which can take multiple frames.
SetMSAASamplesSwitches the number of MSAA samples of the Unity swapchain.
SetResolutionSwitches the screen resolution.
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