Version: 2020.1
The Scene view
Picking and selecting GameObjects

Scene view navigation

The Scene view has a set of navigation controls to help you move around quickly and efficiently:

Scene Gizmo

The Scene Gizmo appears in the upper-right corner of the Scene view. This displays the Scene view Camera’s current orientation, and allows you to quickly modify the viewing angle and projection mode.

The Scene Gizmo has a conical arm on each side of the cube. The arms at the forefront are labelled X, Y and Z. Click on any of the conical axis arms to snap the Scene view Camera to the axis it represents (for example: top view, left view and front view). You can also right-click the cube to bring up a menu with a list of viewing angles. To return to the default viewing angle, right-click the Scene Gizmo and click Free.

You can also toggle Perspective on and off. This changes the projection mode of the Scene view between Perspective and Orthographic (sometimes called “isometric”). To do this, click the cube in the centre of the Scene Gizmo, or the text below it. The