Version: 2020.2
Preparing Humanoid Assets for export
Limitations on importing Models into Unity

Using FBX files in other applications

Note: This section provides information about proprietary file formats that use FBX conversion. However, there are two file formats that do not use FBX as an intermediary: SketchUp and SpeedTree. For more information about importing these file formats, see the SketchUp Settings and SpeedTree topics.

Unity supports FBX files which you can export from many 3D modeling applications. Use these guidelines to help ensure the best results:

  1. Select what you want to export inside your 3D modeling application.
  2. Prepare what you need to include inside your 3D modeling application.
  3. Check the FBX settings before exporting.
  4. Verify and import the FBX file into Unity.

In addition to these generation guidelines about exporting from 3d modeling applications, the following sections contain more specific information for these 3d modeling applications: