Version: 2021.1
CPU Usage Profiler module
GPU Usage Profiler module

Global Illumination Profiler module

The Global Illumination Profiler module displays statistics and how much CPU time the real-time Global Illumination (GI) subsystem uses across all worker threads. For more information on Global Illumination, see the documentation on Global Illumination, and for information on Enlighten, see Using Enlighten with Unity.

Note: The Global Illumination Profiler module uses Enlighten, which is deprecated and will soon be removed. Refer to the Unity blog for more information. As an alternative, use Progressive GPU Lightmapper (Preview) or Progressive CPU Lightmapper.

Global Illumination Profiler module
Global Illumination Profiler module

Chart categories

The Global Illumination Profiler module’s chart tracks the time the GI subsystem spent on all worker threads. The timings are divided into 10 categories. To change the order of the categories in the chart, you can drag and drop them in the chart’s legend. You can also click a category’s colored legend to toggle its display.

Chart Description
Total CPU The time spent across all threads.
Light Probe The time spent updating Light Probes.
Setup The time spent in the Setup stage.
Environment The time spent processing Environment lighting.
Input Lighting The time spent processing input lighting.
Systems The time spent updating Systems.
Solve Tasks The time spent running radiosity solver tasks.
Dynamic Objects Time spent updating Dynamic GameObjects.
Other Commands Time spent updating other commands.
Block Command Write Time spent in a blocked state, waiting for the command buffer.

Module details pane

When you select the Global Illumination module, the details pane below it displays a breakdown of where the application spent time in the selected frame. The data available is as follows:

Data Description
Total CPU Time Total Enlighten CPU time across all threads in ms.
Probe Update Time Time spent updating Light Probes in ms.
Setup Time Time spent in the Setup stage in ms.
Environment Time Time spent processing Environment lighting in ms.
Input Lighting Time Time spent processing input lighting in ms.
Systems Time Time spent updating Systems in ms.
Solve Tasks Time Time spent running radiosity solver tasks in ms.
Dynamic Objects Time Time spent updating Dynamic GameObjects in ms.
Time Between Updates Time between Global Illumination updates in ms.
Other Commands Time Time spent processing other commands in ms.
Blocked Command Write Time Time spent in blocked state, waiting for command buffer in ms.
Blocked Buffer Writes Number of writes to the command buffer that were blocking.
Total Light Probes Total number of Light Probes in the Scene.
Solved Light Probes Number of solved Light Probes since the last update.
Probe Sets Number of Light Probe sets in the Scene.
Systems Number of Enlighten Systems in the Scene.
Pending Material GPU Renders Number of Albedo/Emission renders queued for rendering on the GPU.
Pending Material Updates Number of Material updates waiting to get processed.
CPU Usage Profiler module
GPU Usage Profiler module
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