Version: 2021.1
Panoramic skybox
Skybox component reference

Procedural skybox

The Procedural skybox Shader does not require any input Textures and instead generates a skybox purely from the properties set in the Material Inspector.

Render pipeline compatibility

Feature Built-in Render Pipeline Universal Render Pipeline (URP) High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)
Procedural skybox Да Да No


Property Description
Sun The method Unity uses the generate a sun disk in the skybox. The options are:
None: Disables the sun disk in the skybox.
Simple: Draws a simplified sun disk into the skybox
High Quality: Draws a sun disk into the skybox. This is similar to the Simple sun disk, but with this mode, you can use Sun Size Convergence to further customize the appearance of the sun disk.
Sun Size The size modifier for the sun disk. Larger values make the sun disk appear larger and setting this value to 0 makes the sun disk disappear.
Sun Size Convergence The size convergence of the sun. Smaller values make the sun disk appear larger. This property only appears if you set Sun to High Quality.
Atmosphere Thickness The density of the atmosphere. An atmosphere of higher density absorbs more light. Unity uses the Rayleigh scattering method to absorb light.
Sky Tint The color to tint the sky to.
Ground The color of the ground (the area below the horizon).
Exposure Adjusts the sky’s exposure. This allows you to change tonal values in the skybox this Material generates. Larger values produce a more exposed, seemingly brighter, skybox. Smaller values produce a less exposed, seemingly darker, skybox.

Positioning the sun

If you choose to render a sun disk in your skybox (see Sun in Properties), this Shader uses the rotation of the active Light to position the sun in the skybox. To find the active Light:

  1. Open the Lighting window (menu: Window > Rendering > Lighting Settings).
  2. The Light assigned to Sun Source is your Scene’s active Light.
  3. If there is no Light assigned to Sun Source, assign the Light in your Scene you want to become the active Light to Sun Source.

You can use this behaviour to create a simple day-night cycle. To do this, continuously rotate your main Directional Light around a particular axis.

Panoramic skybox
Skybox component reference
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