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class in UnityEngine.Networking

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General purpose serializer for UNET (for reading byte arrays).

This class works with NetworkWriter and is used for serializing data for UNet commands, RPC calls, events and low level messages.

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using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class ExampleScript : MonoBehaviour { // Writing data to a NetworkWriter and then // Converting this to a NetworkReader. void Start() { // The data you add to your writer must be prefixed with a message type. // This is in the form of a short. short myMsgType = 143;

NetworkWriter writer = new NetworkWriter();

// You start the message in your writer by passing in the message type. // This is a short meaning that it will take up 2 bytes at the start of // your message. writer.StartMessage(myMsgType);

// You can now begin your message. In this case we will just use strings. writer.Write("Test data 1"); writer.Write("Test data 2"); writer.Write("Test data 3");

// Make sure to end your message with FinishMessage() writer.FinishMessage();

// You can now access the data in your writer. ToArray() returns a copy // of the bytes that the writer is using and AsArray() returns the // internal array of bytes, not a copy. byte[] writerData = writer.ToArray();

CreateNetworkReader(writerData); }

void CreateNetworkReader(byte[] data) { // We will create the NetworkReader using the data from our previous // NetworkWriter. NetworkReader networkReader = new NetworkReader(data);

// The first two bytes in the buffer represent the size // of the message. This is equal to the NetworkReader.Length // minus the size of the prefix. byte[] readerMsgSizeData = networkReader.ReadBytes(2); short readerMsgSize = (short)((readerMsgSizeData[1] << 8) + readerMsgSizeData[0]); Debug.Log(readerMsgSize);

// The message type added in NetworkWriter.StartMessage // is to be read now. It is a short and so consists of // two bytes. It is the second two bytes on the buffer. byte[] readerMsgTypeData = networkReader.ReadBytes(2); short readerMsgType = (short)((readerMsgTypeData[1] << 8) + readerMsgTypeData[0]); Debug.Log(readerMsgType);

// If all of your data is of the same type (in out case the // data on our buffer is comprised of only strings) you can // read all the data from the buffer using a loop like so. while (networkReader.Position < networkReader.Length) { Debug.Log(networkReader.ReadString()); } } }


LengthThe current length of the buffer.
PositionThe current position within the buffer.


NetworkReaderCreates a new NetworkReader object.

Public Methods

ReadBooleanReads a boolean from the stream.
ReadByteReads a byte from the stream.
ReadBytesReads a number of bytes from the stream.
ReadBytesAndSizeThis read a 16-bit byte count and a array of bytes of that size from the stream.
ReadCharReads a char from the stream.
ReadColorReads a unity Color objects.
ReadColor32Reads a unity color32 objects.
ReadDecimalReads a decimal from the stream.
ReadDoubleReads a double from the stream.
ReadGameObjectReads a reference to a GameObject from the stream.
ReadInt16Reads a signed 16 bit integer from the stream.
ReadInt32Reads a signed 32bit integer from the stream.
ReadInt64Reads a signed 64 bit integer from the stream.
ReadMatrix4x4Reads a unity Matrix4x4 object.
ReadMessageThis is a utility function to read a typed network message from the stream.
ReadNetworkHash128Reads a NetworkHash128 assetId.
ReadNetworkIdReads a NetworkInstanceId from the stream.
ReadNetworkIdentityReads a reference to a NetworkIdentity from the stream.
ReadPackedUInt32Reads a 32-bit variable-length-encoded value.
ReadPackedUInt64Reads a 64-bit variable-length-encoded value.
ReadPlaneReads a unity Plane object.
ReadQuaternionReads a Unity Quaternion object.
ReadRayReads a Unity Ray object.
ReadRectReads a Unity Rect object.
ReadSByteReads a signed byte from the stream.
ReadSceneIdReads a NetworkSceneId from the stream.
ReadSingleReads a float from the stream.
ReadStringReads a string from the stream. (max of 32k bytes).
ReadTransformReads a reference to a Transform from the stream.
ReadUInt16Reads an unsigned 16 bit integer from the stream.
ReadUInt32Reads an unsigned 32 bit integer from the stream.
ReadUInt64Reads an unsigned 64 bit integer from the stream.
ReadVector2Reads a Unity Vector2 object.
ReadVector3Reads a Unity Vector3 objects.
ReadVector4Reads a Unity Vector4 object.
SeekZeroSets the current position of the reader's stream to the start of the stream.
ToStringReturns a string representation of the reader's buffer.

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