Version: 2017.2
设置 Unity Collaborate

Unity Collaborate

Unity Collaborate is a simple way for small teams to save, share, and sync their Unity project. It’s cloud-hosted and easy to use, so your entire team can contribute to the Project, regardless of location or role.

Collaborate works best for teams of 1–10 people. It is ideal for multi-disciplinary teams (that is, teams with a diverse mix of developers, artists, audio experts and other specialists) looking to work on the same projects.

Collaborate is no longer in beta from Unity 2017.1. Collaborate is still considered to be in beta for versions of Unity prior to 2017.1.

要启用 Collaborate,请在 Unity Editor 中打开 Services 窗口(菜单:__Window__ > Services__)。要在项目开发过程中启动 Collaborate,请单击 Unity Editor 中的 Collab__ 按钮

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设置 Unity Collaborate
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