Version: 2019.3
从 tarball 安装


The Package Manager can load a package from anywhere on your computer even if you saved it outside your Unity Project folder (for example, if you have a package called and you save it on the Desktop but your Unity Project is under the Documents folder).

You can also use a folder inside your Project folder, provided that it is not one of the reserved Project sub-folders.


1.在状态栏中单击添加 按钮。


![Add package from disk 按钮](../uploads/Main/PackageManagerUI-ExternalPackageButton.png)

3.从添加菜单中选择 Add package from disk 以显示文件浏览器。


5.在文件浏览器中双击 package.json 文件。

文件浏览器将关闭,然后包现在显示在包列表中,并带有 local 标签。

Local packages inside your Project

You can place a local package anywhere inside your Project except under these folders:

项目文件夹: 原因:
Assets If you place a package inside this folder, the Asset Database imports any Assets under this folder twice: once as Assets and once as Package contents.
Library 请勿修改此文件夹的内容。
ProjectSettings This folder is for settings Assets only.
Packages If you place a package under this folder, the Package Manager automatically interprets it as an Embedded package, regardless of the reference in the Project manifest.
从 tarball 安装
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