Version: 2019.1


The Package Manager can load a package from anywhere on your computer even if you saved it outside your Unity Project folder (for example, if you have a package called and you save it on the Desktop but your Unity Project is under the Documents folder).

You can also use a folder inside your Project folder, provided that it is not one of the reserved Project sub-folders.


  1. Click the plus (+) icon in the status bar.

  2. The Add package from disk button appears.

    Add package from disk 按钮
    Add package from disk 按钮
  3. Click the Add package from disk button to bring up a file browser.


5.在文件浏览器中双击 package.json 文件。

文件浏览器将关闭,然后包现在显示在包列表中,并带有 local 标签。

Local packages inside your Project

You can place a local package anywhere inside your Project except under these folders:

项目文件夹: 原因:
Assets If you place a package inside this folder, the Asset Database imports any Assets under this folder twice: once as Assets and once as Package contents.
Library 请勿修改此文件夹的内容。
ProjectSettings This folder is for settings Assets only.
Packages If you place a package under this folder, the Package Manager automatically interprets it as an Embedded package, regardless of the reference in the Project manifest.
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