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What’s New page outline

New documentation

2D game development quickstart guide

The 2D game development quickstart guide has been released, which provides a workflow for developing a 2D game in Unity. This quickstart guide helps you decide what game perspective and art style you want your game to have, set up your Unity project, and create a 2D game.

3D game development quickstart guide

The 3D game development quickstart guide has been released, which provides a workflow for developing a 3D game in Unity. This quickstart guide helps you set up your Unity project, and create a 3D game.

Create Stunning Visuals

Visual scripting has been integrated into the Unity Editor, and improvements have been made to the Universal Render Pipeline, High Definition Render Pipeline, and 2D tools. This includes optimized workflows to ensure stunning results on the widest variety of platforms and enhanced features for your highest-fidelity needs.

Production-ready 2D tools

This release includes usability and stability improvements for 2D tools, with a focus on Sprite Swap workflows and 2D graphics.

Recorder updates

Recorder is now a released package and includes new codec like Apple ProRes for better compatibility with graphics and quality of life updates to enhance your capturing experience.

Easily interoperate between tools with FBX Exporter

FBX Exporter is now a released package. Export scene references for animation and interoperate with popular 3D modeling software like Maya and Max for efficient iteration. You can also record animation in the Editor, so you can export references and re-key animations.

HDRP Static Shadow caster and improvements

You can now cache a portion of non-directional shadow maps, which can result in performance improvements. HDRP renders dynamic shadow casters into their respective shadow maps for each frame.

Sprite Editor

Slicing options now let you slice sprite sheets that contain continuous neighboring isometric tiles. This helps to speed up the process of preparing isometric tilemaps if your art is contained in one single image.

Optimized coding workflows

The latest graphics packages have been integrated into the core Unity engine. This includes the most recent versions of:

  • Universal Render Pipeline
  • High Definition Render Pipeline
  • Shader Graph
  • VFX Graph

We’ve also improved your coding experience across the board with code coverage, better profiling and simulation support, and even more compilation improvements.

Multiple version support with Version Defines

You can now use Version Defines to include the latest API features and provide backwards compatibility for older versions of Unity and the API, all within a single code base.

Build precise time-based functionality with timeAsDouble

Time.timeAsDouble has introduced various AsDouble properties, which let you use double precision time in your project. This is especially useful for creators building long-running applications, such as dedicated game servers.

The Code Coverage package is out of preview

Use Unity’s Code Coverage package with Test Runner to check for test coverage of your project’s code, including detailed HTML formatted reporting to find areas that are being missed by your current test suite.

Comprehensive memory profiling now included

The Memory Profiler package has been updated to ensure that all relevant data is reported for managed data types, including multi-dimensional arrays. Additionally, improvements have been made to texture and mesh memory reporting.

Unity now includes multiple Player profiling support

You can now run multiple Player instances on one machine, and connect Unity Profiler to a specific instance to get deep insight in how it’s performing, making you more productive with less hardware. Watch the Profile multiple players in 2021.1 video on youtube to see it in action.

Test different platforms with Device Simulator

Device Simulator is now installed as part of the main Unity installation and you no longer need to add it as a package. Use Device Simulator to view how your game would appear on mobile devices.

Create logic with visual scripting

Visual scripting is now included as a core feature, built directly into Unity. You can use this to Ccreate logic with visual, drag-and-drop graphs to supplement your code for faster prototyping and iteration. Visual scripting is also a great way to make existing scripts more accessible to create tools for use by non-programming team members.

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