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Building and delivering for Universal Windows Platform

Known issues

This page contains known issues with apps built for the Universal Windows Platform caused by external factors that aren’t related to Unity, such as drivers and libraries.

Setup Issue Reason Workaround
Nokia Lumia 630/635/1520 Specific sampler ordering in the Shader causes the Texture Wrap mode to change to Clamp mode. This might also be reproduced on other 3xx Adreno devices. Adreno driver bug. Change the sampler register for the affected Texture in the Shader code file (for example, change sampler2D _MainTex; to sampler2D _MainTex:register(s0);).
UWP Scrolling the mouse wheel can break mouse movement if the cursor is locked (if Cursor.lockState != None). Windows OS issue. Open the Player settings (Edit > Project Settings, then select the Player category). Select the Publishing Settings tab, and enable the Independent Input Source setting.

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Building and delivering for Universal Windows Platform
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