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2D 정렬
Set up sprites

Work with sprites

Sprites are a type of 2D asset you can use in your Unity project. Use this section to learn how to set up your sprites and manage them with different components.

If you’re used to working in 3D, sprites are similar to standard textures but there are special techniques to combine and manage sprite textures for efficiency during development.

항목 설명
Set up sprites Learn how to import and set up your sprites.
Sort sprites Learn how to sort your sprites in Unity.
Sprite Renderer Display images as sprites in both 2D and 3D scenes.
Sprite Creator Create placeholder sprites in your project.
Sprite Editor Prepare and edit sprites sliced from a larger image texture.
Sorting Groups Use Sorting Groups to group GameObjects together with Sprite Renderers.
9-slicing sprites Apply 9-slicing to reuse your sprites in various sizes.
Sprite Mask Hide or reveal parts of a sprite or a group of sprites.
Sprite Atlas Optimize the performance of video memory in your project.
Sprite Shape Renderer Control the geometry and rendering of a Sprite Shape in a scene.

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2D 정렬
Set up sprites
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