Version: 2018.2
Настройки 2D и 3D режимов

Preferences (Настройки редактора)

Unity предоставляет некоторое количество настроек, позволяющих изменить поведение редактора.

General (Основные)

Setting Properties
Auto Refresh Check this box to update Assets automatically as they change.
Load Previous Project on Startup Check this box to always load the previous project at startup.
Compress Assets on Import Check this box to automatically compress Assets during import.
OSX Color Picker (macOS) Check this box to use the native macOS color picker instead of Unity’s own.
Disable Editor Analytics (Pro only) Check this box to stop the Editor automatically sending information back to Unity.
Show Asset Store search hits Check this box to show the number of free/paid Assets from the Asset Store in the Project Browser.
Verify Saving Assets Check this box if you wish to verify which Assets to save individually on quitting Unity.
Script Changes While Playing Select the drop-down menu to choose Unity’s behaviour when scripts change while your game is running in the Editor
Recompile And Continue Playing Recompile your scripts and keep running the Scene. This is the default behaviour, but you might want to change it if your scripts rely on any non-serializable data.
Recompile After Finished Playing Defer recompilation until you manually stop your Scene, avoiding any interruption.
Stop Playing And Recompile Immediately stop your Scene for recompilation, allowing you to quickly restart testing.
Editor Skin (Plus/Pro only) Select the drop-down to choose which skin to apply to the Unity Editor. Choose Personal for light grey with black text, or Professional for dark grey with white text.
Enable Alpha Numeric Sorting Check this box to enable a new button in the top-right corner of the Hierarchy window, allowing you to switch between Transform sort (which is the default behaviour) and Alphanumeric sort.
Device To Use Select the drop-down menu to choose which of your computer’s graphics devices Unity should use. You can leave this on Automatic unless you want Unity to use a specific device. This setting will override any device specified in command line options.

External Tools (Внешние инструменты)

Setting Properties
External Script Editor Select which application Unity should use to open script files. Unity automatically passes the correct arguments to script editors it has built-in support for. Unity has built-in support for Visual Studio (Express), Visual Studio Code, Xamarin Studio and JetBrains Rider.
Примеры аргументов для редакторов скриптов: Select which arguments to pass to the external script editor.
$(File) is replaced with a path to a file being opened.
$(Line) is replaced with a line number that editor should jump to.
$(ProjectPath) is replaced with the path to the open project.
If not set on macOS, then the default mechanism for opening files is used. Otherwise, the external script editor is only launched with the arguments without trying to open the script file using the default mechanism.
See below for examples of external script editor arguments.
Editor Attaching Check this box to allow debugging of scripts in the Unity Editor. If this option is disabled, it is not possible to attach a script debugger to Unity to debug your scripts.
Image application Какое приложение будет использоваться для открытия изображений?
Revision Control Diff/Merge Choose which application you want Unity to use to resolve file differences with the Asset server. Unity detects these tools in their default installation locations (and checks registry keys for TortoiseMerge, WinMerge, PlasticSCM Merge, and Beyond Compare 4 on Windows).

Examples of script editor arguments

  • Gvim/Vim: --remote-tab-silent +$(Line) "$File"
  • Notepad2: -g $(Line) "$(File)"
  • Sublime Text 2: "$(File)":$(Line)
  • Notepad++: -n$(Line) "$(File)"

Colors (Цвета)

Эта панель позволяет выбрать цвета некоторых элементов интерфейса Unity.

Keys (Клавиши)

Эта панель позволяет настроить некоторые горячие клавиши Unity.

GI Cache

Setting Properties
Maximum Cache Size (GB) Use the slider to set the maximum GI cache folder size. The GI cache folder will be kept below this size whenever possible. Unused files are periodically deleted to create more space. This is carried out by the Editor automatically, and doesn’t require you to do anything.
Custom cache location Check this box to allow a custom location for the GI cache folder. The cache folder will be shared between all projects.
Cache compression Check this box to enable a fast real-time compression of the GI Cache files, to reduce the size of the generated data. If you need to access the raw Enlighten data, disable Cache Compression and clean the cache.
Clean Cache Use this button to clear the cache directory.


Setting Properties
Maximum Sprite Atlas Cache Size (GB) Use the slider to set the maximum sprite atlas cache folder size. The sprite atlas cache folder will be kept below this size whenever possible.

Cache Server (Кэш сервер)

Setting Properties
##Cache Server (Кэш сервер) Check this box to use a dedicated cache server.
IP Address Если сервер включен, здесь следует указать его IP адрес.

  • 2018–04–06 Page amended with limited editorial review

  • Updated list of external script editors in 2018.1

  • Script Changes While Playing and Device To Use drop-down menus added in Unity 2018.2

Настройки 2D и 3D режимов
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