Composite Collider 2D
2D Joints

Physics Material 2D

A Physics Material 2D is used to adjust the friction and bounce that occurs between 2D physics objects when they collide. You can create a Physics Material 2D from the Assets menu (Assets > Create > Physics Material 2D ).


Property: Function:
Friction Coefficient of friction for this collider.
Bounciness The degree to which collisions rebound from the surface. A value of 0 indicates no bounce while a value of 1 indicates a perfect bounce with no loss of energy.


To use a Physics Material 2D, simply drag it onto an object with a 2D collider attached or drag it to the collider component in the inspector. Note that for 3D physics, the equivalent asset is referred to as a Physic Material (ie, no S at the end of physic) - it is important in scripting not to get the two spellings confused.

Composite Collider 2D
2D Joints
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