Version: 2021.3
Package Manager ウィンドウ


The Package Manager window displays the list of feature sets, packages, or Asset Store packages according to the criteria that you select by filtering, including, or searching:

The image on the left displays all features sets and packages installed in your project, and the image on the right displays all Asset Store packages
The image on the left displays all features sets and packages installed in your project, and the image on the right displays all Asset Store packages

(A) Feature sets appear at the top of the list view, indicated with the feature set icon (). Toggle the expander icon to show or hide the list of feature sets. When you select a feature set from the list, details about it appear on the right, including a brief description, a list of included packages, and a link to the QuickStart guide for that feature set.

(B) Registry groups organize the list of packages installed in your project (or available for installation when you are in the My Registries context). Select the expander on the left to show or hide the list of packages for each registry.

(C) Select these expander icons to show and hide the list of versions installed or available.

(D) The package version displays the version of the package that’s installed. If the package is not yet installed, the version that appears is the recommended version. Special icons often appear beside the version number indicating its state:

Asset Store パッケージの場合、表示されるバージョンはすでにダウンロードしたバージョンか、Asset Store からダウンロードできるバージョンのいずれかです。

(E) These icons display the status of the package or Asset Store package:

アイコン 説明
A check mark indicates that the package or feature set is already installed or enabled.

Note: Installed Asset Store packages display the import icon () if they are up to date.
The update icon indicates that the package has an available update. To update your package, follow the instructions for either type of package:

- For Unity packages, see Switching to another package version.
- For Asset Store packages, see Updating your Asset Store package.
- Feature set versions are fixed to the Editor version and can’t be updated.
インポートアイコンは、インポート可能な Asset Store パッケージがあることを示します。また、すでにプロジェクトで Asset Store パッケージをインポートしている場合にも表示されます。
ダウンロードアイコンは、ダウンロード可能な Asset Store パッケージがあることを示しています。

(F) The My Assets context displays a link showing the number of Asset Store packages available but not shown in the list. To load the rest of the Asset Store packages, click the numbered link.

Note: If you select the My Assets context but you don’t see any packages, see Error messages in the Package Manager window for an explanation and solution.

(G) The status bar displays messages about the package load status and network warnings.

(H) Click the reload button to force Package Manager to reload your packages and feature sets.

By default, the Package Manager window displays the list of all packages and feature sets available on the Unity Registry, but you can filter the list to display packages and feature sets matching a specific context.

You can also include pre-release packages in the list and search for a specific package or feature set by name (ID) or display name.

Package Manager ウィンドウ
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