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타일맵 렌더러 모드

The Tilemap Renderer component renders the Tilemap in the Scene. Unity creates Tilemaps with the Tilemap Renderer attached by default. The Tilemap Renderer can:

The Render Mode affects the sorting of Tilemap Sprites when rendered.

Chunk Mode를 사용하여 일괄적으로 렌더링

Chunk Mode is the default rendering mode of the Tilemap Renderer:

When set to Chunk Mode, the Tilemap Renderer handles Sprites on a Tilemap in batches and renders them together. They’re treated as a single sort item when sorted in the 2D Transparent Queue. While this reduces draw calls, other renderers can’t render between any part of the Tilemap, preventing other rendered Sprites from interweaving with Tilemap Sprites.

스프라이트 아틀라스를 사용하여 정렬(청크 모드 전용)

In Chunk Mode, the Tilemap Renderer isn’t able to sort Tiles from multiple textures individually and doesn’t render the tile sprites consistently (refer to the example below).

타일맵을 구성하는 개별 스프라이트를 모두 하나의 스프라이트 아틀라스로 패킹하면 이러한 문제를 해결할 수 있습니다. 이를 수행하려면 다음 단계를 따르십시오.

  1. Create a Sprite Atlas from the Assets menu (go to: Atlas > Create > Sprite Atlas).

  2. Add the Sprites to the Sprite Atlas by dragging them to the Objects for Packing list in the Atlas’ Inspector window.

  3. Click Pack Preview. Unity packs the Sprites into the Sprite Atlas during Play mode, and correctly sorts and renders them. This is only visible in the Editor during Play mode. label

Individual Mode를 사용하여 개별적으로 렌더링

In Individual Mode, the Tilemap Renderer sorts and renders the Sprites on a Tilemap with consideration of other Renderers in the Scene, such as the Sprite Renderers and Mesh Renderers. Use this mode if other Renderers interact with Sprites and objects on the Tilemap.

In this mode, the Tilemap Renderer sorts sprites based on their position on the Tilemap and the sorting properties set in the Tilemap Renderer. For example, this allows a character sprite to go in-between obstacle sprites (refer to the example below).

Individual Mode에서는 캐릭터가 타워 스프라이트 뒤에서 렌더링될 수 있으며, 지면 스프라이트 위에 나타납니다.
Individual Mode에서는 캐릭터가 타워 스프라이트 뒤에서 렌더링될 수 있으며, 지면 스프라이트 위에 나타납니다.

Using the same example in Chunk Mode, character sprites might get hidden behind ground sprites:

The same Scene rendered in Chunk Mode.
The same Scene rendered in Chunk Mode.

Using Individual Mode might reduce performance as there is more overhead when rendering each sprite individually on the Tilemap.

개별 모드의 Z as Y(Y에 Z방향 오프셋 적용) 타일맵을 위한 커스텀 축 정렬 모드

To sort and render tile sprites on an Isometric Z as Y Tilemap, set the Transparency Sort Axis to a Custom Axis. To do this:

  1. Set the Tilemap Renderer component Mode to Individual.
  2. Navigate to Edit > Project Settings > Graphics.
  3. Set Transparency Sort Mode to Custom Axis.
  4. Set the Transparency Sort Axis Y-value to 1 and the Z-value to –0.26.

Refer to the page on Creating an Isometric Tilemap for more information about the Transparency Sort Axis settings.

아이소메트릭 타일맵을 위한 타일 팔레트 만들기
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