Version: 2021.2
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class in UnityEngine.SceneManagement

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Scene management at run-time.

정적 변수

sceneCountThe total number of currently loaded Scenes.
sceneCountInBuildSettingsNumber of Scenes in Build Settings.

정적 함수

CreateSceneCreate an empty new Scene at runtime with the given name.
GetActiveSceneGets the currently active Scene.
GetSceneAtGet the Scene at index in the SceneManager's list of loaded Scenes.
GetSceneByBuildIndexGet a Scene struct from a build index.
GetSceneByNameSearches through the Scenes loaded for a Scene with the given name.
GetSceneByPathSearches all Scenes loaded for a Scene that has the given asset path.
LoadSceneLoads the Scene by its name or index in Build Settings.
LoadSceneAsyncLoads the Scene asynchronously in the background.
MergeScenesThis will merge the source Scene into the destinationScene.
MoveGameObjectToSceneMove a GameObject from its current Scene to a new Scene.
SetActiveSceneSet the Scene to be active.
UnloadSceneAsyncDestroys all GameObjects associated with the given Scene and removes the Scene from the SceneManager.


activeSceneChangedSubscribe to this event to get notified when the active Scene has changed.
sceneLoadedAdd a delegate to this to get notifications when a Scene has loaded.
sceneUnloadedAdd a delegate to this to get notifications when a Scene has unloaded.
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