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ComputeBuffer Constructor

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public ComputeBuffer(count: int, stride: int)
public ComputeBuffer(int count, int stride);
public ComputeBuffer(count: int, stride: int, type: ComputeBufferType)
public ComputeBuffer(int count, int stride, ComputeBufferType type);


countNumber of elements in the buffer.
strideSize of one element in the buffer. Has to match size of buffer type in the shader. See Compute Shaders for cross-platform compatibility information.
typeType of the buffer, default is ComputeBufferType.Default (structured buffer).


Create a Compute Buffer.

Use Release to release the buffer when no longer needed.

See Also: SystemInfo.supportsComputeShaders, ComputeShader class, Shader.SetGlobalBuffer, Material.SetBuffer, Compute Shaders.

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