Version: 2017.4
Unity Remote 3 (DEPRECATED)
Understanding optimization in Unity

Best practice guides

Learn production-tested best practices from our Enterprise Support engineers and the Unity R&D Content team.

Optimization and visuals

Note that the following links (below) lead to guides on the Unity Learn Website.


Assets, resources and AssetBundles

  1. A guide to AssetBundles and Resources

  2. Assets, objects and serialization

  3. The Resources folder

  4. AssetBundle fundamentals

  5. AssetBundle usage patterns

Optimizing Unity UI

  1. A guide to optimizing Unity UI

  2. Fundamentals of Unity UI

  3. Unity UI profiling tools

  4. Fill-rate, canvases and input

  5. Optimizing UI controls

  6. Other UI optimization techniques and tips

Optimizing Graphics in Unity

  1. Lighting Scenes
  2. Auto Generate and Generate Lighting
  3. Lighting Settings
  4. Multi-Scene editing

Memory Management in Unity

  1. A guide to optimizing Memory
  2. Managed Memory
  3. IL2CPP & Mono
  4. Native Memory
  5. Android Memory Management
  6. Application Size
Unity Remote 3 (DEPRECATED)
Understanding optimization in Unity
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