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iOS device generation.


iPhoneiPhone, first generation.
iPhone3GiPhone, second generation.
iPhone3GSiPhone, third generation.
iPodTouch1GeniPod Touch, first generation.
iPodTouch2GeniPod Touch, second generation.
iPodTouch3GeniPod Touch, third generation.
iPad1GeniPad, first generation.
iPhone4iPhone, fourth generation.
iPodTouch4GeniPod Touch, fourth generation.
iPad2GeniPad, second generation.
iPhone4SiPhone, fifth generation.
iPad3GeniPad, third generation.
iPodTouch5GeniPod Touch, fifth generation.
iPadMini1GeniPadMini, first generation.
iPad4GeniPad, fourth generation.
iPhone5CiPhone 5C.
iPhone5SiPhone 5S.
iPadAir1iPad Air.
iPadMini2GeniPadMini Retina, second generation.
iPhone6iPhone 6.
iPhone6PlusiPhone 6 plus.
iPadMini3GeniPad Mini 3.
iPadAir2iPad Air 2.
iPhone6SiPhone 6S.
iPhone6SPlusiPhone 6S Plus.
iPadPro1GeniPad Pro 12.9", first generation.
iPadMini4GeniPad Mini, fourth generation.
iPhoneSE1GeniPhone SE, first generation.
iPadPro10Inch1GeniPad Pro 9.7", first generation.
iPhone7iPhone 7.
iPhone7PlusiPhone 7 Plus.
iPodTouch6GeniPod Touch, sixth generation.
iPad5GeniPad Air, fifth generation.
iPadPro2GeniPad Pro 12.9", second generation.
iPadPro10Inch2GeniPad Pro 10.5", second generation 10" iPad.
iPhone8iPhone 8.
iPhone8PlusiPhone 8 Plus.
iPhoneXiPhone X.
iPhoneXSiPhone XS.
iPhoneXSMaxiPhone XSMax.
iPhoneXRiPhone XR.
iPadPro11InchiPad Pro 11".
iPadPro3GeniPad Pro 12.9", third generation.
iPhoneUnknownYet unknown iPhone.
iPadUnknownYet unknown iPad.
iPodTouchUnknownYet unknown iPod Touch.

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