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Built-in temporary render textures produced during camera's rendering.

When camera is rendering the Scene, in some cases it can produce temporary render textures in the process (e.g. depth textures, deferred G-buffer etc.). This enum indicates these temporary render textures.

BuiltinRenderTextureType can be used as a RenderTargetIdentifier in some functions of CommandBuffer.

See Also: CommandBuffer, RenderTargetIdentifier.


PropertyNameA globally set property name.
BufferPtrThe raw RenderBuffer pointer to be used.
RenderTextureThe given RenderTexture.
CurrentActiveCurrently active render target.
CameraTargetTarget texture of currently rendering camera.
DepthCamera's depth texture.
DepthNormalsCamera's depth+normals texture.
ResolvedDepthResolved depth buffer from deferred.
PrepassNormalsSpecDeferred lighting (normals+specular) G-buffer.
PrepassLightDeferred lighting light buffer.
PrepassLightSpecDeferred lighting HDR specular light buffer (Xbox 360 only).
GBuffer0Deferred shading G-buffer #0 (typically diffuse color).
GBuffer1Deferred shading G-buffer #1 (typically specular + roughness).
GBuffer2Deferred shading G-buffer #2 (typically normals).
GBuffer3Deferred shading G-buffer #3 (typically emission/lighting).
ReflectionsReflections gathered from default reflection and reflections probes.
MotionVectorsMotion Vectors generated when the camera has motion vectors enabled.
GBuffer4Deferred shading G-buffer #4 (typically occlusion mask for static lights if any).
GBuffer5G-buffer #5 Available.
GBuffer6G-buffer #6 Available.
GBuffer7G-buffer #7 Available.
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