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Extended functionality

Amazon User ID

To fetch the current Amazon User ID for other Amazon services, use the IAmazonExtensions:

public void OnInitialized
    (IStoreController controller, IExtensionProvider extensions)
    string amazonUserId = 
    // ...

Sandbox testing in Amazon

To use Amazon’s local Sandbox testing app, generate a JSON description of your product catalog on the device’s SD card using the IAmazonConfiguration extended configuration:

var builder = ConfigurationBuilder.Instance(
// Define your products.
builder.AddProduct("someConsumable", ProductType.Consumable);
// Write a product description to the SD card 
// in the appropriate location.

When using this method to write product descriptions to the SD card, declare the Android permission to write to external storage in the test app’s manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" /> 

Remove this extra permission before publishing, if appropriate.

Amazon Sandbox is now set up for local testing. For more information, please see Amazon’s App Tester documentation.

Google Play
Samsung Galaxy apps
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