Version: 2021.1
Audio Low Pass Effect
Audio Echo Effect

Audio High Pass Effect

The Highpass Effect passes high frequencies of an AudioMixer group and cuts off signals with frequencies lower than the Cutoff Frequency.


Свойство: Функция:
Cutoff freq Частота среза фильтра высоких частот в Герцах (в диапазоне от 10.0 до 22000.0, по умолчанию = 5000.0).
Resonance Качество резонанса фильтра высоких частот (в диапазоне от 1.0 до 10.0, по умолчанию = 1.0).


The Resonance (short for Highpass Resonance Quality Factor) determines how much the filter’s self-resonance is dampened. Higher highpass resonance quality indicates a lower rate of energy loss, that is the oscillations die out more slowly.

Audio Low Pass Effect
Audio Echo Effect
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