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Particle System vertex streams and Standard Shader support
Post-processing stack
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Post-processing overview

Post-processing is the process of applying full-screen filters and effects to a camera’s image buffer before it is displayed to screen. It can drastically improve the visuals of your product with little setup time.

You can use post-processing effects to simulate physical camera and film properties; for example; Bloom, Depth of Field, Chromatic Aberration or Color Grading.

Using post-processing

To use post-processing in your project you can import Unity’s post-processing stack. You can also write your own post-processing effects. See Writing post-processing effects for details.

The images below demonstrate a Scene with and without post-processing.

Scene with post-processing
Scene with post-processing
Scene with no post-processing
Scene with no post-processing

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  • New feature in 5.6