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Painting Tilemaps
Scriptable Tiles
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Tilemaps and Physics 2D

  • You can add a Tilemap Collider 2D component to the GameObject of a Tilemap to generate a collider based on the Tiles of the Tilemap.

  • A Tilemap Collider 2D component functions like a normal Collider 2D component. You can add Effector 2Ds to modify the behavior of the Tilemap Collider 2D. You can also composite the Tilemap Collider 2D with a Composite Collider 2D.

  • Adding or removing Tiles with Collider Type set to Sprite or Grid adds or removes the Tile’s collider shape from the Tilemap Collider 2D component on the next LateUpdate for the Tilemap Collider 2D. This also happens when the Tilemap Collider 2D is being composited by a Composite Collider 2D.