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The Circle Collider 2D class is a collider for use with 2D physics. The collider’s shape is a circle with a defined position and radius in the local coordinate space of a Sprite.

Property: Function:
Density Changing the density here affects the mass of the GameObject’s associated Rigidbody 2D. If you set the value to zero, its associated Rigidbody 2D ignores the Circle Collider 2D for all mass calculations, including centre of mass calculations. Note that this option is only available if you have selected Use Auto Mass in an associated Rigidbody 2D.
Material A physics material that determines properties of collisions, such as friction and bounce.
Is Trigger Check this if you want the Circle Collider 2D to behave as a trigger.
Used by Effector Check this if you want the Circle Collider 2D to be used by an attached Effector 2D.
Offset The local offset of the Circle Collider 2D geometry.
Radius Radius of the circle in local space units.
Collider 2D
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