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Preset Libraries

Preset Libraries contain user created data and persist between sessions. They are integrated into the Color Picker, Gradient Editor and Curve Editors.

  • A preset is e.g a color, gradient or an animation curve that is saved by the user.
  • A preset library is a collection of presets saved into one file.
  • Preset libraries contain personal data or project data. They can be saved either in the user preferences folder or in a ‘Editor’ folder in the Assets folder. Project preset libraries can then be added to revision control for easy sharing between users on a project and added to Asset Store packages.

How to create a color preset:

  1. Click on a color field. E.g select Main Camera in the Hierarchy, then click on Background Color

  2. Adjust a color to your liking

  3. At the bottom you will find the Presets section

  4. Simply click the button to add the current color to the current preset library

  5. The context menu (the icon with the three lines)
    • You can switch view mode between List Mode and Grid Mode in the context menu (the three lines icon)
    • Select between available preset libraries
    • Create new library
      • In the Create New Library popup you can select whether to create a preset library in the Preferences folder or the Project folder
    • Show current library in the OS file explorer/finder
  6. Presets can be reordered by dragging

  7. Presets can be deleted by Alt + Left mouse button or by the right click menu

  8. Preset can be renamed from the right click menu (note names are only shown in List Mode)

Selecting a preset library in the project browser will show its contents in the inspector. From here “Edit..” can be clicked to modify.

Note: The description above shows the standard Unity Color Picker. There is an option in Preferences which allows you to use the OS X Color picker instead.

Editing Properties
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