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The Image control displays a non-interactive image to the user. This can be used for decoration, icons, etc, and the image can also be changed from a script to reflect changes in other controls. The control is similar to the Raw Image control but offers more options for animating the image and accurately filing the control rectangle. However, the Image control requires its texture to be a Sprite, while the Raw Image can accept any texture.

An Image control
An Image control


Property: Function:
Source Image The texture that represents the image to display (which must be imported as a Sprite).
Color The color to apply to the image.
Material The Material to use for rendering the image.
Raycast Target Should this be considered a target for raycasting?
Preserve Aspect Ensure image remains existing dimension.
Set Native Size Button to set the dimensions of the image box to the original pixel size of the texture.


The image to display must be imported as a Sprite to work with the Image control.

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Raw Image
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