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Verified packages


A package contains features to fit the various needs of your project. This can include any core Unity features included during the Editor installation, or other packages that you can install as needed.

Topic Description
Verified packagesWhen a package passes release cycle testing for a specific version of Unity, it receives the Verified For designation. This means that these packages are guaranteed to work with the designated version of Unity.
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View the list of supported packages for this version of the Unity Editor, and learn about the criteria a package must meet to be in these states.
Preview packagesA preview package is in development and not yet ready for production. A package in preview might be at any stage of development, from the initial stages to near completion.
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View the list of packages for this version of the Unity Editor that you can try, but aren’t intended for production use.
Core packages View the list of packages that are bound to this version of the Unity Editor.
Built-in packagesBuilt-in packages allow users to toggle Unity features on or off through the Package Manager. Enabling or disabling a package reduces the run-time build size. For example, most projects don’t use the legacy Particle System. By removing the abstracted package of this feature, the related code and resources are not part of the final built product. Typically, these packages contain only the package manifest and are bundled with Unity (rather than available on the package registry).
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View the list of built-in packages, which you can enable or disable to adjust the runtime build size.
Packages by keywords View a list of packages, which you can locate by keyword.
Unity’s Package Manager Learn about the different ways you can interact with Unity’s Package Manager, to do things like finding and adding or removing packages, resolving package conflicts, and much more.
Creating custom packages Build and share your own packages, by learning about custom package requirements, working with manifest files, and more.

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New in Unity 2020 LTS
Verified packages
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