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The UnityEditor assembly implements the editor-specific APIs in Unity. It cannot be referenced by runtime code compiled into players.


AddRequestRepresents an asynchronous request to add a package to the project.
AdvertisementSettingsEditor API for the Unity Services editor feature. Normally UnityAds is enabled from the Services window, but if writing your own editor extension, this API can be used.
AnalyticsSettingsEditor API for the Unity Services editor feature. Normally Analytics is enabled from the Services window, but if writing your own editor extension, this API can be used.
AnimationClipCurveDataAn AnimationClipCurveData object contains all the information needed to identify a specific curve in an AnimationClip. The curve animates a specific property of a component / material attached to a game object / animated bone.
AnimationMode AnimationMode is used by the AnimationWindow to store properties modified by the AnimationClip playback.
AnimationUtilityEditor utility functions for modifying animation clips.
AnimatorControllerThe Animator Controller controls animation through layers with state machines, controlled by parameters.
AnimatorControllerLayerThe Animation Layer contains a state machine that controls animations of a model or part of it.
AnimatorStateStates are the basic building blocks of a state machine. Each state contains a Motion ( AnimationClip or BlendTree) which will play while the character is in that state. When an event in the game triggers a state transition, the character will be left in a new state whose animation sequence will then take over.
AnimatorStateMachineA graph controlling the interaction of states. Each state references a motion.
AnimatorStateTransitionTransitions define when and how the state machine switch from one state to another. AnimatorStateTransition always originate from an Animator State (or AnyState) and have timing parameters.
AnimatorTransitionTransitions define when and how the state machine switch from on state to another. AnimatorTransition always originate from a StateMachine or a StateMachine entry. They do not define timing parameters.
AnimatorTransitionBaseBase class for animator transitions. Transitions define when and how the state machine switches from one state to another.
AnimBoolLerp from 0 - 1.
AnimFloatAn animated float value.
AnimQuaternionAn animated Quaternion value.
AnimVector3An animated Vector3 value.
ArcHandleA class for a compound handle to edit an angle and a radius in the Scene view.
ArrayUtilityHelpers for builtin arrays ...
AssemblyClass that represents an assembly compiled by Unity.
AssemblyBuilderCompiles scripts outside the Assets folder into a managed assembly that can be used inside the Assets folder.
AssemblyDefinitionExceptionAn exception throw for Assembly Definition Files errors.
AssemblyReloadEventsThis class has event dispatchers for assembly reload events.
AssetThis class containes information about the version control state of an asset.
AssetDatabaseAn Interface for accessing assets and performing operations on assets.
AssetImportContextDefines the import context for scripted importers during an import event.
AssetImporterBase class from which asset importers for specific asset types derive.
AssetImporterEditorDefault editor for all asset importer settings.
AssetListA list of version control information about assets.
AssetModificationProcessorAssetModificationProcessor lets you hook into saving of serialized assets and scenes which are edited inside Unity.
AssetPostprocessorAssetPostprocessor lets you hook into the import pipeline and run scripts prior or after importing assets.
AssetPreviewUtility for fetching asset previews by instance ID of assets, See AssetPreview.GetAssetPreview. Since previews are loaded asynchronously methods are provided for requesting if all previews have been fully loaded, see AssetPreview.IsLoadingAssetPreviews. Loaded previews are stored in a cache, the size of the cache can be controlled by calling [AssetPreview.SetPreviewTextureCacheSize].
AttacherHelper object that attaches a visual element next to its target, regarless of their respective location in the visual tree hierarchy.
AudioCurveRenderingAntialiased curve rendering functionality used by audio tools in the editor.
AudioImporterAudio importer lets you modify AudioClip import settings from editor scripts.
BaseAnimValue<T0>Abstract base class for Animated Values.
BlendTreeBlend trees are used to blend continuously animation between their childs. They can either be 1D or 2D.
BoundsFieldA Bounds editor field.
BoxBoundsHandleA compound handle to edit a box-shaped bounding volume in the Scene view.
BuildFailedExceptionAn exception class that represents a failed build.
BuildPipelineLets you programmatically build players or AssetBundles which can be loaded from the web.
BuildPlayerWindowThe default build settings window.
BuildReportThe BuildReport API gives you information about the Unity build process.
BuildUtilitiesUtility class that allows packages to register build callbacks with the Unity Package Manager.
CallbackOrderAttributeBase class for Attributes that require a callback index.
CameraEditorUnity Camera Editor.
CanEditMultipleObjectsAttribute used to make a custom editor support multi-object editing.
CapsuleBoundsHandleA compound handle to edit a capsule-shaped bounding volume in the Scene view.
ChangeSetWrapper around a changeset description and ID.
ChangeSetsSimply a list of changetsets.
ClickSelectorSelects element on single click.
ClientUnity Package Manager client class.
CloudProjectSettingsUse this class to retrieve information about the currently selected project and the current Unity ID that is logged in.
ColorFieldMakes a field for selecting a color.
ColorPickerHDRConfigUsed as input to ColorField to configure the HDR color ranges in the ColorPicker.
CommonRolesThis class provides constant values for some of the common roles used by files in the build. The role of each file in the build is available in BuildFile.role.
CompilationPipelineMethods and properties for script compilation pipeline.
ConfigFieldThis class describes the.
ConnectedPlayerInformation of the connected player.
ContentDraggerManipulator that allows mouse-dragging of one or more elements.
ContentZoomerManipulator that allows zooming in GraphView.
CrashReportingSettingsEditor API for the Unity Services editor feature. Normally CrashReporting is enabled from the Services window, but if writing your own editor extension, this API can be used.
CurveFieldMakes a field for editing an AnimationCurve.
CustomEditorTells an Editor class which run-time type it's an editor for.
CustomEditorForRenderPipelineAttributeTells an Editor class which run-time type it's an editor for when the given RenderPipeline is activated.
CustomPreviewAttributeAdds an extra preview in the Inspector for the specified type.
CustomPropertyDrawerTells a custom PropertyDrawer or DecoratorDrawer which run-time Serializable class or PropertyAttribute it's a drawer for.
DecoratorDrawerBase class to derive custom decorator drawers from.
DefaultAssetDefaultAsset is used for assets that do not have a specific type (yet).
DefaultPresetSelectorReceiverBasic implementation of the PresetSelectorReceiver.
DidReloadScriptsAdd this attribute to a method to get a notification after scripts have been reloaded.
DoubleFieldMakes a text field for entering doubles.
DragAndDropEditor drag & drop operations.
DraggerBase manipulator for mouse-dragging elements.
DrawGizmoThe DrawGizmo attribute allows you to supply a gizmo renderer for any Component.
EdgeThe GraphView edge element.
EdgeConnectorManipulator for creating new edges.
EdgeConnector<T0>Manipulator for creating new edges.
EdgeControlVisualElement that draws the edge lines and detects if mouse is on top of edge.
EdgeDragHelperEdgeDragHelper's constructor.
EdgeDragHelper<T0>Edge drag helper class.
EdgeManipulatorEdge manipulator used to drag edges off ports and reconnect them elsewhere.
EditorBase class to derive custom Editors from. Use this to create your own custom inspectors and editors for your objects.
EditorAnalyticsEditor API for the EditorAnalytics feature.
EditorAnalyticsSessionInfoAccesses for EditorAnalytics session information.
EditorApplicationMain Application class.
EditorBuildSettingsThis class allows you to modify the Editor Build Settings via script. See EditorBuildSettings.scenes for an example of how to use this class.See Also: EditorBuildSettingsScene, EditorBuildSettings.scenes.
EditorBuildSettingsSceneThis class is used for entries in the Scenes list, as displayed in the Build Settings window. This class contains the scene path of a scene and an enabled flag that indicates wether the scene is enabled in the BuildSettings window or not.You can use this class in combination with EditorBuildSettings.scenes to populate the list of Scenes included in the build via script. This is useful when creating custom editor scripts to automate your build pipeline.See EditorBuildSettings.scenes for an example script.
EditorConnectionHandles the connection from the Editor to the Player.
EditorGraphicsSettingsEditor-specific script interface for Graphics Settings.
EditorGUIThese work pretty much like the normal GUI functions - and also have matching implementations in EditorGUILayout.
EditorGUILayoutAuto-layouted version of EditorGUI.
EditorGUIUtilityMiscellaneous helper stuff for EditorGUI.
EditorJsonUtilityUtility functions for working with JSON data and engine objects.
EditorPrefsStores and accesses Unity editor preferences.
EditorSceneManagerScene management in the Editor.
EditorStylesCommon GUIStyles used for EditorGUI controls.
EditorUserBuildSettingsUser build settings for the Editor
EditorUtilityEditor utility functions.
EditorWindowDerive from this class to create an editor window.
EnumFieldMakes a dropdown for switching between enum values.
ErrorStructure describing the error of a package operation.
ExpressionEvaluatorEvaluates simple math expressions; supports int / float and operators: + - * / % ^ ( ).
FieldMouseDragger<T0>Allows dragging on a numeric field's label to change the value.
FileUtilLets you do move, copy, delete operations over files or directories.
FreehandSelectorFreehand selection tool.
GameObjectRecorderRecords the changing properties of a GameObject as the Scene runs and saves the information into an AnimationClip.
GameObjectUtilityGameObject utility functions.
GenericMenuGenericMenu lets you create custom context menus and dropdown menus.
GradientFieldMakes a field for editing an Gradient.
GraphElementBase class for main GraphView VisualElements.
GraphElementGroupNodeExtensionsSet of extension methods useful for GroupNode.
GraphViewMain GraphView class.
GridBackgroundDefault GraphView background.
GridBrushDefault built-in brush for painting or erasing tiles and/or gamobjects on a grid.
GridBrushEditorEditor for GridBrush.
GridBrushEditorBaseBase class for Grid Brush Editor.
GridPaletteGridPalette stores settings for Palette assets when shown in the Palette window.
GridSelectionStores the selection made on a GridLayout.
GroupNodeAllows grouping of nodes.
GUIDrawerBase class for PropertyDrawer and DecoratorDrawer.
HandlesCustom 3D GUI controls and drawing in the scene view.
HandleUtilityHelper functions for Scene View style 3D GUI.
HelpHelper class to access Unity documentation.
HighlighterUse this class to highlight elements in the editor for use in in-editor tutorials and similar.
IconBadgeA rectangular badge, usually attached to another visual element.
IHVImageFormatImporterUse IHVImageFormatImporter to modify Texture2D import settings for Textures in IHV (Independent Hardware Vendor) formats such as .DDS and .PVR from Editor scripts.
InitializeOnLoadAttributeAllow an editor class to be initialized when Unity loads without action from the user.
InitializeOnLoadMethodAttributeAllow an editor class method to be initialized when Unity loads without action from the user.
IntegerFieldMakes a text field for entering an integer.
iOSDeviceRequirementA device requirement description used for configuration of App Slicing.
JointAngularLimitHandleA class for a compound handle to edit multiaxial angular motion limits in the Scene view.
LightEditorThe class used to render the Light Editor when a Light is selected in the Unity Editor.
LightingDataAssetThe lighting data asset used by the active scene.
LightmapEditorSettingsVarious settings for the bake.
LightmapParametersA collection of parameters that impact lightmap and realtime GI computations.
LightmappingAllows to control the lightmapping job.
LightmappingExperimental lightmapping features.
ListRequestRepresents an asynchronous request to list the packages in the project.
LODUtilityLOD Utility Helpers.
MaterialEditorThe Unity Material Editor.
MaterialPropertyDescribes information and value of a single shader property.
MaterialPropertyDrawerBase class to derive custom material property drawers from.
MediaEncoderEncodes images and audio samples into an audio or movie file.
MemorySnapshotMemorySnapshot is a profiling tool to help diagnose memory usage.
MenuMenu class to manipulate the menu item.
MenuCommandUsed to extract the context for a MenuItem.
MenuItemThe MenuItem attribute allows you to add menu items to the main menu and inspector context menus.
MeshUtilityVarious utilities for mesh manipulation.
MessageMessages from the version control system.
ModelImporterModel importer lets you modify model import settings from editor scripts.
ModelImporterClipAnimationAnimation clips to split animation into.
MonoScriptRepresentation of Script assets.
MovieImporterAssetImporter for importing MovieTextures.
MultiColumnHeaderThe MultiColumnHeader is a general purpose class that e.g can be used with the TreeView to create multi-column tree views and list views.
MultiColumnHeaderStateState used by the MultiColumnHeader.
NavMeshBuilderNavigation mesh builder interface.
NavMeshEditorHelpersNavMesh utility functionality effective only in the Editor.
NavMeshVisualizationSettingsRepresents the visualization state of the navigation debug graphics.
NodeMain GraphView node class.
ObjectFactoryUse the DefaultObject to create a new UnityEngine.Object in the editor.
ObjectFieldMakes a field to receive any object type.
ObjectNamesHelper class for constructing displayable names for objects.
ObjectPreviewBase Class to derive from when creating Custom Previews.
OnOpenAssetAttributeCallback attribute for opening an asset in Unity (e.g the callback is fired when double clicking an asset in the Project Browser).
PackageCollectionA collection of PackageInfo objects.
PackageInfoStructure describing a Unity Package.
PackedMemorySnapshotPackedMemorySnapshot is a compact representation of a memory snapshot that a player has sent through the profiler connection.
PackerSprite Packer helpers.
PackerJobCurrent Sprite Packer job definition.
PerformanceReportingSettingsNormally performance reporting is enabled from the Services window, but if writing your own editor extension, this API can be used.
PhysicsDebugWindowDisplays the Physics Debug Visualization options.The Physics Debug Visualization is only displayed if this window is visible.See Also: PhysicsVisualizationSettings.
PhysicsVisualizationSettingsThis class contains the settings controlling the Physics Debug Visualization.
PlatformIconIcon slot container.
PlatformIconKindIcon kind wrapper.
PlayerSettingsPlayer Settings is where you define various parameters for the final game that you will build in Unity. Some of these values are used in the Resolution Dialog that launches when you open a standalone game.
PluginThe plugin class describes a version control plugin and which configuratin options it has.
PluginImporterRepresents plugin importer.
PopupField<T0>Generic popup selection field.
PopupWindowClass used to display popup windows that inherit from PopupWindowContent.
PopupWindowContentClass used to implement content for a popup window.
PortGraphView Port class.
PortSource<T0>Port source.
PostProcessBuildAttributeAdd this attribute to a method to get a notification just after building the player.
PostProcessSceneAttributeAdd this attribute to a method to get a notification just after building the scene.
PrefabUtilityUtility class for any prefab related operations.
PreferenceItemThe PreferenceItem attribute allows you to add preferences sections to the Preferences Window.
PresetA Preset contains default values for an Object.
PresetSelectorThis class implements a modal window that selects a Preset asset from the Project.
PresetSelectorReceiverImplement this class to control the selection change when selecting a Preset in the PresetSelector.
PrimitiveBoundsHandleBase class for a compound handle to edit a bounding volume in the Scene view.
PropertyDrawerBase class to derive custom property drawers from. Use this to create custom drawers for your own Serializable classes or for script variables with custom PropertyAttributes.
PropertyModificationDefines a single modified property.
ProviderThis class provides acces to the version control API.
PurchasingSettingsEditor API for the Unity Services editor feature. Normally Purchasing is enabled from the Services window, but if writing your own editor extension, this API can be used.
RectangleSelectorRectangle selection box manipulator.
RectFieldA Rect editor field.
RectUtilsUtilities for rectangle selections.
RemoveRequestRepresents an asynchronous request to remove a package from the project.
RequestTracks the state of an asynchronous Unity Package Manager (Upm) server operation.
Request<T0>Tracks the state of an asynchronous Unity Package Manager (Upm) server operation that returns a non-empty response.
RequireSpriteDataProviderAttributeUse this attribute on a class that inherits from SpriteEditorModuleBase to indicate what data provider it needs.
ResetToEditorDefaultsRequestRepresents an asynchronous request to reset the project packages to the current Editor default configuration.
ResizerResizer manipulator element.
SceneAssetSceneAsset is used to reference scene objects in the Editor.
SceneSetupThe setup information for a scene in the SceneManager. This cannot be used in Play Mode.
ScriptableWizardDerive from this class to create an editor wizard.
ScriptCompilerOptionsCompiler options passed to the script compiler.
ScriptedImporterAbstract base class for custom Asset importers.
ScriptedImporterAttributeClass attribute used to register a custom asset importer derived from ScriptedImporter with Unity's Asset import pipeline.
ScriptedImporterEditorDefault editor for source assets handled by Scripted Importers.
SearchFieldThe SearchField control creates a text field for a user to input text that can be used for searching.
SearchRequestRepresents an asynchronous request to find a package.
SearchTreeEntryThis class describes a search tree entry. The search window displays search tree entries in the GraphView.
SearchTreeGroupEntryThis class describes group entries in the search tree. The search tree is displayed in the search window.
SearchWindowThis subclass displays a searchable menu of available graph nodes.
SelectionAccess to the selection in the editor.
SelectionDraggerSelection dragger manipulator.
SelectionDropperSelection drag&drop manipulator.
SerializedObjectSerializedObject and SerializedProperty are classes for editing properties on objects in a completely generic way that automatically handles undo and styling UI for prefabs.
SerializedPropertySerializedProperty and SerializedObject are classes for editing properties on objects in a completely generic way that automatically handles undo and styling UI for prefabs.
SessionStateSessionState is a Key-Value Store intended for storing and retrieving Editor session state that should survive assembly reloading.
ShaderDataThis class describes a shader.
ShaderGUIAbstract class to derive from for defining custom GUI for shader properties and for extending the material preview.
ShaderImporterShader importer lets you modify shader import settings from Editor scripts.
ShaderIncludePathAttributeAttach this attribute to a static function that returns an array of extra root shader include paths.
ShaderUtilUtility functions to assist with working with shaders from the editor.
ShortcutHandlerShortcut handler.
SourceTextureInformationOriginal texture data information.
SpeedTreeImporterAssetImportor for importing SpeedTree model assets.
SphereBoundsHandleA compound handle to edit a sphere-shaped bounding volume in the Scene view.
SpriteEditorExtension Sprite extension methods that are accessible in Editor only.
SpriteEditorModuleBaseBase class the Sprite Editor Window custom module inherits from.
SpriteRectAbstract class that is used by systems to encapsulate Sprite data representation. Currently this is used by Sprite Editor Window.
SpriteUtilityHelper utilities for accessing Sprite data.
StateMachineBehaviourContextThis class contains all the owner's information for this State Machine Behaviour.
StaticOcclusionCullingStaticOcclusionCulling lets you perform static occlusion culling operations.
StaticOcclusionCullingVisualizationUsed to visualize static occlusion culling at development time in scene view.
StrippingInfoThe StrippingInfo object contains information about which native code modules in the engine are still present in the build, and the reasons why they are still present.
TaskA UnityEditor.VersionControl.Task is created almost everytime UnityEditor.VersionControl.Provider is ask to perform an action.
TextureGeneratorExperimental utilities for generating Texture2D.
TextureImporterTexture importer lets you modify Texture2D import settings from editor scripts.
TextureImporterPlatformSettingsStores platform specifics settings of a TextureImporter.
TextureImporterSettingsStores settings of a TextureImporter.
TextValueField<T0>Base class for text fields.
ToolsClass used to manipulate the tools used in Unity's Scene View.
TransformUtilsEditor Transform Utility Class.
TreeViewThe TreeView is an IMGUI control that lets you create tree views, list views and multi-column tables for Editor tools.
TreeViewItemThe TreeViewItem is used to build the tree representation of a tree data structure.
TreeViewStateThe TreeViewState contains serializable state information for the TreeView.
TrueTypeFontImporterAssetImporter for importing Fonts.
UIElementsEditorUtilityEditor helper functions for UIElements.
UndoLets you register undo operations on specific objects you are about to perform changes on.
UnityEventToolsEditor tools for working with persistent UnityEvents.
UnwrappingThis class holds everything you may need in regard to uv-unwrapping.
UtilityEditor utility functions for the Playable graph and its nodes.
Vector2FieldA Vector2 editor field.
Vector3FieldA Vector3 editor field.
Vector4FieldA Vector4 editor field.
VersionsInfoIdentifies the available versions of a package and which are the compatible, latest, and recommended versions.
VideoClipImporterVideoClipImporter lets you modify VideoClip import settings from Editor scripts.
VideoImporterTargetSettingsImporter settings that can have platform-specific values.


AlbedoSwatchInfoContains the custom albedo swatch data.
AnimatorConditionCondition that is used to determine if a transition must be taken.
AssemblyDefinitionPlatformContains information about a platform supported by the assembly definition files.
AssetBundleBuildAssetBundle building map entry.
AtlasSettingsDescribes the final atlas texture.
AudioImporterSampleSettingsThis structure contains a collection of settings used to define how an AudioClip should be imported.This structure is used with the AudioImporter to define how the AudioClip should be imported and treated during loading within the scene.
AudioTrackAttributesDescriptor for audio track format.
BuildFileContains information about a single file produced by the build process.
BuildPlayerOptionsProvide various options to control the behavior of BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer.
BuildStepContains information about a single step in the build process.
BuildStepMessageContains information about a single log message recorded during the build process.
BuildSummaryContains overall summary information about a build.
ChildAnimatorStateStructure that represents a state in the context of its parent state machine.
ChildAnimatorStateMachineStructure that represents a state machine in the context of its parent state machine.
ChildMotionStructure that represents a motion in the context of its parent blend tree.
ClipAnimationInfoCurveStores a curve and its name that will be used to create additionnal curves during the import process.
CompilerMessageCompiler Message.
ConnectionA pair of from and to indices describing what thing keeps what other thing alive.
EditorCurveBindingDefines how a curve is attached to an object that it controls.
FieldDescriptionDescription of a field of a managed type.
GraphViewChangeSet of changes in the graph that can be intercepted.
MediaRationalRational number useful for expressing fractions precisely.
MemorySectionA dump of a piece of memory from the player that's being profiled.
NodeCreationContextThis struct represents the context when the user initiates creating a graph node.
PackedGCHandleA description of a GC handle used by the virtual machine.
PackedNativeTypeA description of a C++ unity type.
PackedNativeUnityEngineObjectDescription of a C++ unity object in memory.
SearchWindowContextThis structure includes parameters for configuring the search window.
ShaderInfoContains the following information about a shader: -If the shader has compilation errors. -If the shader is supported on the currently selected platform. -The name of the shader.
SpriteImportDataStruct that represents how Sprite asset should be generated when calling TextureGenerator.GenerateTexture.
SpriteMetaDataEditor data used in producing a Sprite.
TakeInfoA Takeinfo object contains all the information needed to describe a take.
TextureGenerationOutputStructure that represents the result from calling TextureGenerator.GenerateTexture.
TextureGenerationSettingsRepresents how a texture should be generated from calling TextureGenerator.GenerateTexture.
TierSettingsUsed to set up per-platorm per-shader-hardware-tier graphics settings.
TypeDescriptionDescription of a managed type.
UndoPropertyModificationSee Also: Undo.postprocessModifications.
UnwrapParamUnwrapping settings.
Vertex2DMetaDataA structure that contains meta data about vertices in a Sprite.
VideoTrackAttributesDescriptor for audio track format.
VirtualMachineInformationInformation about a virtual machine that provided a memory snapshot.


ActionOnDotNetUnhandledExceptionThe behavior in case of unhandled .NET exception.
AndroidArchitectureAndroid CPU architecture.
AndroidBlitTypeDescribes the method for how content is displayed on the screen.
AndroidBuildSystemType of Android build system.
AndroidBuildTypeBuild configurations for the generated project.
AndroidETC2FallbackThis enumeration has values for different qualities to decompress ETC2 textures on Android devices that don't support the ETC2 texture format.
AndroidETC2FallbackOverrideThis enumeration has values for different qualities to decompress an ETC2 texture on Android devices that don't support the ETC2 texture format.
AndroidGamepadSupportLevelGamepad support level for Android TV.
AndroidMinificationHow to minify the java code of your binary.
AndroidPreferredInstallLocationPreferred application install location.
AndroidSdkVersionsSupported Android SDK versions.
AndroidShowActivityIndicatorOnLoadingApplication should show ActivityIndicator when loading.
AndroidSplashScreenScaleAndroid splash screen scale modes.
AnimatorConditionModeThe mode of the condition.
AnimatorLayerBlendingModeSpecifies how the layer is blended with the previous layers.
ApiCompatibilityLevel.NET API compatibility level.
AscentCalculationModeMethod used for calculating a font's ascent.
AspectRatioAspect ratio.
AssembliesTypeFlags for Assembly.
AssemblyBuilderFlagsFlags used by AssemblyBuilder to control assembly build.
AssemblyBuilderStatusStatus of the AssemblyBuilder build.
AssemblyFlagsFlags for Assembly.
AssetDeleteResultResult of Asset delete operation
AssetMoveResultResult of Asset move
AudioSampleRateSettingThe sample rate setting used within the AudioImporter. This defines the sample rate conversion of audio on import.
BlendTreeTypeThe type of blending algorithm that the blend tree uses.
BuildAssetBundleOptionsAsset Bundle building options.
BuildOptionsBuilding options. Multiple options can be combined together.
BuildResultDescribes the outcome of the build process.
BuildTargetTarget build platform.
BuildTargetGroupBuild target group.
CapabilitiesCapabilities used by Manipulators to easily determine valid actions on a GraphElement.
CheckoutModeWhat to checkout when starting the Checkout task through the version control Provider.
ClipAnimationMaskTypeAnimationClip mask options for ModelImporterClipAnimation.
CompilerMessageTypeCompiler message type.
CompletionActionDifferent actions a version control task can do upon completion.
D3D11FullscreenModeDirect3D 11 fullscreen mode.
DeltaSpeedSpeed at which the value changes for a given input device delta.
DirectionPort direction (in or out).
DragAndDropVisualModeVisual indication mode for Drag & Drop operation.
DrawCameraModeDrawing modes for Handles.DrawCamera.
EditorSelectedRenderStateThe editor selected render mode for Scene View selection.
EditorSkinEnum that selects which skin to return from EditorGUIUtility.GetBuiltinSkin.
ErrorCodePackage operation Error.
ExportPackageOptionsExport package option. Multiple options can be combined together using the | operator.
FileModeMode of the file.
FontRenderingModeFont rendering mode constants for TrueTypeFontImporter.
FontTextureCaseTexture case constants for TrueTypeFontImporter.
ForceReserializeAssetsOptionsOptions for AssetDatabase.ForceReserializeAssets.
GizmoTypeDetermines how a gizmo is drawn or picked in the Unity editor.
GraphicsJobModeEnum used to specify the graphics jobs mode to use.
HighlightSearchModeUsed to specify how to find a given element in the editor to highlight.
IconKindIcon kind.
Il2CppCompilerConfigurationC++ compiler configuration used when compiling IL2CPP generated code.
ImportAssetOptionsAsset importing options.
iOSAppInBackgroundBehaviorApplication behavior when entering background.
iOSBackgroundModeBackground modes supported by the application corresponding to project settings in Xcode.
iOSBuildTypeBuild configurations for the generated Xcode project.
iOSLaunchScreenImageTypeiOS launch screen settings.
iOSLaunchScreenTypeiOS launch screen settings.
iOSSdkVersionSupported iOS SDK versions.
iOSShowActivityIndicatorOnLoadingActivity Indicator on loading.
iOSStatusBarStyleiOS status bar style.
iOSTargetDeviceTarget iOS device.
MacFullscreenModeMac fullscreen mode.
MergeMethodWhich method to use when merging.
MessageTypeUser message types.
MobileTextureSubtargetCompressed texture format for target build platform.
ModelImporterAnimationCompressionAnimation compression options for ModelImporter.
ModelImporterAnimationTypeAnimation mode for ModelImporter.
ModelImporterGenerateAnimationsAnimation generation options for ModelImporter. These options relate to the legacy Animation system, they should only be used when ModelImporter.animationType==ModelImporterAnimationType.Legacy.
ModelImporterHumanoidOversamplingHumanoid Oversampling available multipliers.
ModelImporterIndexFormatFormat of the imported mesh index buffer data.
ModelImporterMaterialLocationMaterial import options for ModelImporter.
ModelImporterMaterialNameMaterial naming options for ModelImporter.
ModelImporterMaterialSearchMaterial search options for ModelImporter.
ModelImporterMeshCompressionMesh compression options for ModelImporter.
ModelImporterNormalCalculationModeNormal generation options for ModelImporter.
ModelImporterNormalsVertex normal generation options for ModelImporter.
ModelImporterTangentsVertex tangent generation options for ModelImporter.
ModelImporterTangentSpaceModeTangent space generation options for ModelImporter.
MouseCursorCustom mouse cursor shapes used with EditorGUIUtility.AddCursorRect.
NewSceneModeUsed when creating a new scene in the Editor.
NewSceneSetupUsed when creating a new scene in the Editor.
OnlineStateRepresent the connection state of the version control provider.
OpenSceneModeUsed when opening a scene in the Editor to specify how a scene should be opened.
OrientationGraph element orientation.
PackageSourceSource of packages.
PackageStatusUnity Package Manager package status.
PauseStateEnumeration specifying the current pause state of the Editor.See Also: PlayModeStateChange, EditorApplication.pauseStateChanged, EditorApplication.isPaused.
PivotModeWhere is the tool handle placed.
PivotRotationHow is the tool handle oriented.
PlayModeStateChangeEnumeration specifying a change in the Editor's play mode state.See Also: PauseState, EditorApplication.playModeStateChanged, EditorApplication.isPlaying.
PrefabTypeThe type of a prefab object as returned by PrefabUtility.GetPrefabType.
ProvisioningProfileTypeThe type of the iOS provisioning profile if manual signing is used.
PS4BuildSubtargetType of build to generate.
PSP2BuildSubtargetTarget PS Vita build type.
RemoveAssetOptionsOptions for removing assets
ReplacePrefabOptionsFlags for the PrefabUtility.ReplacePrefab function.
ResolutionDialogSettingResolution dialog setting.
ResolveMethodHow assets should be resolved.
RevertModeDefines the behaviour of the version control revert methods.
ScriptCallOptimizationLevelScript call optimization level.
ScriptCompilerRepresents different C# compilers that can be used to compile C# scripts.
ScriptingImplementationScripting implementation (backend).
ScriptingRuntimeVersionAvailable scripting runtimes to be used by the Editor and Players.
SelectionModeSelectionMode can be used to tweak the selection returned by Selection.GetTransforms.
SemanticMergeModeBehavior of semantic merge.
SerializedPropertyTypeType of a SerializedProperty.
ShaderQualityShader quality preset.
SpriteImportModeTexture importer modes for Sprite import.
SpritePackerModeSprite Packer mode for the current project.
StaticEditorFlagsStatic Editor Flags.
StatusCodeUnity Package Manager operation status.
StatusQueryOptionsOptions for querying the version control system status of a file.
StereoRenderingPathEnum used to specify what stereo rendering path to use.
StrippingLevelManaged code stripping level.
SubmitResultThe status of an operation returned by the VCS.
SupportedHeadTrackingResolution dialog setting.
TextureImporterAlphaSourceSelect how the alpha of the imported texture is generated.
TextureImporterCompressionSelect the kind of compression you want for your texture.
TextureImporterCubemapConvolutionDefines Cubemap convolution mode.
TextureImporterFormatImported texture format for TextureImporter.
TextureImporterGenerateCubemapCubemap generation mode for TextureImporter.
TextureImporterMipFilterMip map filter for TextureImporter.
TextureImporterNormalFilterNormal map filtering mode for TextureImporter.
TextureImporterNPOTScaleScaling mode for non power of two textures in TextureImporter.
TextureImporterRGBMModeRGBM encoding mode for HDR textures in TextureImporter.
TextureImporterShapeSelect the kind of shape of your texture.
TextureImporterSingleChannelComponentSelects which Color/Alpha channel Single Channel Textures uses.
TextureImporterTypeSelect this to set basic parameters depending on the purpose of your texture.
TextureResizeAlgorithmFor Texture to be scaled down choose resize algorithm. ( Applyed only when Texture dimension is bigger than Max Size ).
TizenOSVersionTizen OS compatibility.
TizenShowActivityIndicatorOnLoadingEnumerator list of different activity indicators your game can show when loading.
ToolWhich tool is active in the editor.
TransitionInterruptionSourceWhich AnimatorState transitions can interrupt the Transition.
TreeViewSelectionOptionsEnum used by the TreeView.SetSelection method.
tvOSSdkVersionSupported tvOS SDK versions.
UIOrientationDefault mobile device orientation.
VertexChannelCompressionFlagsThese enum flags are used specify which elements of a vertex to compress.
VideoBitrateModeBit rate after the clip is transcoded.
VideoCodecVideo codec to use when importing video clips.
VideoDeinterlaceModeDescribes how the fields in the image, if any, should be interpreted.
VideoEncodeAspectRatioMethods to compensate for aspect ratio discrepancies between the source resolution and the wanted encoding size.
VideoResizeModeHow the video clip's images will be resized during transcoding.
VideoSpatialQualityControls the imported clip's internal resize to save space at the cost of blurrier images.
ViewToolEnum for Tools.viewTool.
WebGLCompressionFormatAn enum containing different compression types.
WebGLExceptionSupportOptions for Exception support in WebGL.
WebGLLinkerTargetThe build format options available when building to WebGL.
WSABuildTypeBuild configurations for Windows Store Visual Studio solutions.
WSASubtargetTarget device type for a Windows Store application to run on.
XboxBuildSubtargetTarget Xbox build type.