Version: 2019.2
Generic Functions
Script Serialization

Scripting restrictions

Unity strives to provide a common scripting API and experience across all platforms it supports. However, some platforms have inherent restrictions. To help you understand these restrictions and support cross-platform code, the following table describes which restrictions apply to each platform and scripting backend:

.NET 4.x equivalent scripting runtime

Platform (scripting backend) Ahead-of-time compile No threads .NET Core class libraries subset
Android (IL2CPP)
Android (Mono)
PlayStation 4 (IL2CPP)
PlayStation Vita (IL2CPP)
Standalone (IL2CPP)
Standalone (Mono)
Switch (IL2CPP)
Universal Windows Platform (IL2CPP)
Universal Windows Platform (.NET)
WiiU (Mono)
XBox One (IL2CPP)