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If you would like your Asset packageA collection of files and data from Unity Projects, or elements of Projects, which are compressed and stored in one file, similar to Zip files. Asset packages are a handy way of sharing and re-using Unity Projects and collections of Assets. More info
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to be included in any of Unity’s promotional sales, please apply to join a sale via the Asset Store Sales Application Form page.

Our sales candidates are chosen at least a month or two ahead of the sales. As such, it may be some time before your Asset is included. Please note that submitting a Sales Application Form does not guarantee that your packages will be included in a sale; Asset packages are chosen based on which ones we feel will market well, perform well in the Store, or that best fit the specific theme of a promotion.

Rather than taking part in a Unity promotional sale, you might also want to change the price of your Asset for your own promotion. If you do this, the promotion must be advertised through your own means (on your own website or social media page). Details of this sale must be provided in the description text for your Asset while the sale is ongoing, and this must include the regular price and the length of the promotional sale period.

Unity does not allow any sale-related graphics throughout your Asset package’s marketing and sales imagery. You may not promote your product as being included in any sales or features hosted by Unity Technologies that you are not actually included in. If we notice any Asset package that doesn’t repect these guidelines, we reserve the right to return the Asset package to its former regular price without notice.

Providing support
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