Version: 2020.1
Integrating the Multiplayer Service
Integration using Unity's High-Level API

Integration using the HUD

To integrate Unity Multiplayer Services using the NetworkManagerHUD, follow these steps:

  1. Create an empty GameObject in your Scene.

  2. Add the components NetworkManager and NetworkManagerHUD to the empty GameObject. Rename this object to “Network Manager” so that you know what it is.

  3. Create a prefab to represent your player. Players connected to your game will each control an instance of this prefab.

  4. Add the NetworkIdentity and NetworkTransform component to your player prefab. The NetworkTransform component synchronizes the player GameObject’s movement. If you’re making a game where players don’t move, you don’t need this.

  5. Add your player prefab to the the Network Manager’s Player Prefab property in the inspector.

  6. Build and run your project. The Network Manager HUD shows an in-game menu. Click Enable Match Maker.

  7. Choose a room name and click Create Internet Match on the hosting application.

  8. Run more instances of your project, and click Find Internet Match on these clients. Your room name should now appear.

  9. Click Join Match. Your players should now be connected to the same match.

Integrating the Multiplayer Service
Integration using Unity's High-Level API
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