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Getting Started

Trabajando en Unity

This section provides a complete introduction to Unity:

Getting Started Downloading and installing Unity, getting set up to start your first project, and a quick tour of the Editor.

Asset Workflow How to get assets into Unity from a variety of different sources, including graphics, art and sound from external programs, Package files from other developers, and ready-made Assets from our Asset Store and the Standard Assets bundled with Unity.

Las ventanas principales Una mirada más profunda en cada una de las ventanas principales que usted utilizará cada día en Unity, incluyendo accesos directos y teclas de acceso rápido.

Creating Gameplay How to get started making Scenes, GameObjects and Components; reading input; and adding gameplay or interactivity to your Project.

Editor Features Information about many of the Editor’s powerful features, to help you customize your workflow, integrate with external tools, and extend the Editor itself.

Advanced Development Information for experienced developers who want to take projects further using Plug-ins, AssetBundles, and other more advanced development techniques.

Advanced Editor Topics Take full control of the Editor, find out how it works under the hood, and learn how to script and customise the Asset pipeline and the Editor itself.

Licencia y Activación Entendiendo cómo activar Unity y manejar sus licencias.

Guías de Actualización Notas importantes para actualizar proyectos que fueron hechos con versiones previas de Unity.

Revisión editorial de la documentación
Getting Started
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