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Agrupamiento de Draw Calls
Frame Debugger (Depurador de frames)

Rendering statistics window

The Game view includes a statistics window that shows you real-time rendering information about your application during Play mode. To open this window, click the Stats button in the top right corner. This displays the window as an overlay in the top right of the Game view. The statistics it contains are useful for optimizing performance. The exact statistics available vary according to the build target.

Rendering statistics window
Rendering statistics window


The Graphics section of the statistics window contains the following information:

Statistic Descripción
CPU The amount of time taken to process and render one frame as well as the corresponding frame per second value. Note that this number only includes the time Unity took to process the frame update and render the Game view; it does not include the time Unity took in the Editor to render the Scene view, draw Inspector, or process other editor-only tasks.
Batches The total number of batches Unity processes during a frame. This number includes static, dynamic, and instance batches.
Saved by batching The number of batches Unity combined. To ensure good batching, share materials between different GameObjects as often as possible. Changing rendering states breaks batches into groups with the same states.
Tris The number of triangles Unity processes during a frame. This is mostly important when optimizing for low-end hardware.
Verts The number of vertices Unity processes during a frame. This is mostly important when optimizing for low-end hardware.
Screen The resolution of the screen, along with the amount of memory it uses.
SetPass The number of times Unity switches which shader pass it uses to render GameObjects during a frame. A shader may contain several shader passes and each pass renders GameObjects in the scene differently. Each pass requires Unity to bind a new shader which may introduce CPU overhead.
Shadow casters The number of GameObjects that cast shadows in the frame.
Visible skinned meshes The number of Skinned Mesh Renderers Unity rendered in the frame.
Animations The number of animations playing during the frame.

If you want more detailed information about your application’s rendering performance, see the Rendering module of the Profiler window.

Agrupamiento de Draw Calls
Frame Debugger (Depurador de frames)
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